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A clever idea can resound even more boldly when it's combined with just the right tune. Rarely do all forces dovetail to bring out the concept in full splendor, but we applaud the spots here for doing just that, using anything from original music to licensed tunes.

Audi "Progressions"

Music: Mash-up of "Rebel Rebel" and "Never Gonna Get Old" Musical Artist: David Bowie Music Company: Endless Noise Music Producer: Jeff Elmassian Agency: McKinney + Silver, Raleigh, NC ECD: David Baldwin CD: Jonathan Cude AD: David Cook Director: Lance Acord, Park Pictures Editor: Noah Herzog, Spine

Endless Noise's Jeff Elmassian weaves together a catchy mash-up of David Bowie originals. (see story, p. 34)

Auto Theft Prevention Authority "Beautiful Thing"

Music: Original Track Composer: Jay Green Music Company: Big Science, Pittsburgh, PA Agency: The Neiman Group, Harrisburg, PA ECD: Rudy Banny CW: John Huggins AD: Dave Spink Agency Producer: Frank Arendt Director: Rudy Banny/Falling Olive Productions Executive Producer: Mark Martini Editor: Dave Stiles Post Production: NFL Films, Mt. Laurel

A creepy musical ode to vulnerable cars from a raspy-voiced "car thief" accompanied by a folksy guitar cleverly cautions auto owners to watch out for their wheels. (see story, p. 34)

Delta "The Seat"

Music: Original Track Composer: Paul Bessenbacher Music Company: Admusic, Santa Monica Agency: Brighthouse, Atlanta CCO: Markham Cronin Agency Producer: Danica Walker Director: Jaume/Partizan DP: Chris Soos Editor: Doug Walker, Filmcore Visual Effects: Vendetta Post, Santa Monica Post Production: Company 3

A charming original folk ballad featuring simple acoustic guitar and earnest crooning by composer Paul Bessenbacher lends a poignant, humorous complement to this tale of a woman and her tagalong friend, a walking airplane seat.

ESPN "24 to Live"

Music: Remix of original track Musical Artists: Black Eyed Peas featuring Carlos Santana Agency: Wieden + Kennedy/New York ECDs: Ty Montague, Todd Waterbury ACDs: Kevin Proudfoot, Paul Renner CW: Ilicia Winokur AD: Jesse Coulter Agency Producer: Jesse Wann Director: Brian Beletic, Smuggler Editor: Maury Loeb, P.S. 260 Visual Effects: Brandname VFX Artist: Colin Stackpole Titles: Eyeball, New York

Bringing a b-ball themed twist to the lyrics of their tune "Let's Get Retarded," the Black Eyed Peas, joined by Carlos Santana and an L.A. boys' choir, inspire some serious booty-shakin' in this musical tribute to the NBA. (see story, p.31)

Hewlett-Packard "You"

Music: Licensed track "Pictures of You" Musical Artist: The Cure Agency: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, San Francisco CDs: Rich Silverstein, Steve Simpson ACD/AD: John Norman CW: Mike McCommon Agency EP: Elizabeth O'Toole Agency Producer: Josh Reynolds Director: Francois Vogel, Tool of North America DP: Adam Kimmel Line Producer: Caroline Pham Editor/Sound Designer: Hank Corwin, Lost Planet Visual Effects: Method

The Cure's moving '80s love song merges with Francois Vogel's artful interplay of live action and graphics to create a truly affecting experience.

Honda "Best Friends"

Music Company: HUM, Santa Monica Composer: Alan Steinberger Agency: Ruben Postaer and Associates, Santa Monica CD/CW: David Smith and CD/AD: Joe Baratelli Agency Producer: Brian Donnelly Director: Malcolm Venville, Anonymous Content EP: Lisa Margulis Line Producer: John Benet Editor: Rick Lawley, Whitehouse

A spare but charming music-box tune makes for a moving accompaniment to this lookalike tribute to Hondas and their owners.

MasterCard "Dog Trilogy"

Music: Original track Music Company: Ant Music Agency: McCann-Erickson/N.Y. ECD: Joyce King Thomas Sr. CW: Lisa Bandriff Sr. AD: Kathy Kuhn Agency EP: Sally Hotchkiss Music Producer: Mike Boris Director: Scott Hicks, Independent Media Executive Producer: Sally Hotchkiss Editor: Hank Corwin, Lost Planet

A live orchestral score, elegantly performed by the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, imparts Lassie-inspired emotion on this trilogy of spots about a lost pup and his journey home.

Mercedes Benz "Framed Portraits" and "Multiple Portraits"

Music: Original tracks "Multiple Portraits" -Song: "Au Reve" Musical Artist: Cassius "Framed Portraits"-Song: "Amazed" Musical Artist: Mozella Agency: Merkeley + Partners, New York ECDs: Andy Hirsch, Randy Saitta ACD/CW: Chris Landi AD: Phillip Squier Agency EP: Gary Grossman Agency Producer: Chris Coccaro Director: Victor Garcia, MJZ DP: Harris Savides EP: Lisa Rich Line Producer: Deborah Kent Editor: Noah Herzog, Spine

Cassius' funky blues track and indie artist Mozella's melancholy tune help to elevate a potentially sleepy slideshow into a charming roadtrip down memory lane.

Office Max "Rubber Band Man" Music: Licensed track "The Rubber Band Man" Musical Artist "The Spinners" Agency: DDB/Chicago CCO:Bob Scarpelli GCD: Don Pogany CD: Vinny Warren ACDs: Tim Nichols, Bruce Ritter, Scott Smith CW: Shane Colton AD: Pete Taylor Agency Producer: Paul Gunnarson Director: David Kellogg, Anonymous Content DP: Jonathan Schwartzman Producer: Phil Rose EP: Andy Traines Editor: Adam Parker, Chrome

A licensed track from '70s funksters The Spinners brings the perfect bounce to this feel-good spot, starring a fun-loving office supply guy who dances as he delivers the goods-and good cheer-to cubicle denizens. (see story, p.35 )

Starbucks "Glen"

Music: Remix of "Eye of the Tiger," with new lyrics Musical Artist: Survivor Music Company: Elias Audio Post Production: Audio Engine, New York Audio Mixer: Rex Recker Agency: Fallon/New York Worldwide CD: David Lubars ECD: Ari Merkin CW: Allon Tatarka AD: Rob Baird Agency Producer: John Cline Director: Noam Murro/Biscuit Filmworks Editor: Avi Oron/Bikini Edit Animation Company: Freestyle Collective

'80s rock icons Survivor transform their inspiring hit from Rocky III into an aptly motivational serenade to a Starbucks-drinking suit named Glen. (see story, p. 27)

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