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Supergrass "Grace"

Supergrass is lip-syncing this U.K. hit in the usual sun-drenched warehouse set when we cut to outside, where a little female fan of the band, carrying a Supergrass lunchbox, is walking by. And as we cut outside, we're hit with a wall of silence. Cut back inside to the song; cut back out to silence. It happens a few times and it's fabulously arresting. In the meantime, the girl stands on a crate, spies the band through a hole in the window and eventually the vid goes special effectsy, as we're treated to what is apparently her fantasy of managing/producing the lads. There's something very wholesome and sweet about all this, yet it still works.

Director: Dom & Nic, Oil Factory Editor: Sean Broughton, Smoke & Mirrors

Tatu "All the Things She Said"

Yes, Julia and Lena have already taken the world by storm, which is probably why it's raining in this video, redeemed by one thing and one thing only - the best news for the sapphic sisterhood since that awful old Gertrude Stein kicked the bucket in '46. Tatu inventor Ivan Shapovalov, who also directs all their clips, may be the greatest Svengali since the term was invented by, uh, a Swede named Sven Gali. My, how the world has changed. It took a Russian (a former child psychiatrist and adman - hey, aren't they the same thing?) to figure out that two puppy-lovin' pseudo jailbaiters in cute little school uniforms would seduce the entire teenybopper universe. Rock on, babes!

Director: Ivan Shapovalov

Sum 41 "The Hell Song"

We confess we're having a hard time distinguishing Sum 41 from Blink 182, but this video is No. 1 with a bullet on the do-it-yourself masterpiece chart. It reminds us of the brilliant Snapple animated-bottle campaign sans any postproduction. Which is to say it's all about assorted store-bought action figures and bobbleheads animated by human hands, and said hands are left in the shot, just like kids playing with toys in their bedroom - which is the unabashedly primitive-cool vibe here, as loads of pop stars come in for some good-natured parodying in effigy. We're told that Marc Klasfeld shot the clip on spec - the biggest trouble and expense was getting all the dolls cleared for use with the artists and the manufacturers - and then, lo-fi and behold, the band went for it. The de rigueur raunchy punk touches are supplied in part by a live dog who pees onscreen, and a figure of porn star Houston of the Houston 500, which is not a Nascar event. When she bares her big chest it gets the block-pix censorship treatment - a wry touch. Meanwhile the Sum 41 boys have their photo faces pasted on doll bodies as they engage in typical power pop antics like recklessly skateboarding and drinking to excess. It's heaven.

Director: Marc Klasfeld, Rockhard Films Editor: Vern & Tony, Rockhard Films

Queens of the Stone Age "Go With the Flow"

This cartoony clip, a blend of CG and live action, colored mostly in stark black and orange, is slightly reminiscent of Earthlink advertising, but we don't recall ever seeing a chick in a mesh bikini and go-go boots levitating above a highway with her legs spread in an Earthlink spot. Give them time, ISPs are a hip category. Anyway, the Queens, sounding suspiciously like Blue Oyster Cult, are in the back of a truck that's playing chicken with death, we presume, although it could be a masked wrestler, somewhere in the desert. The Queens apparently win, 'cause they're still rolling after the vehicular impact, which, after a rush through a dreamfield of cacti, erupts into some candy-colored coochie-coochie with multiple go-go girls. If we had to guess, we'd say this represents either heaven or Nancy Sinatra's house. Whatever, the cool animation keeps it consistently interesting.

Director/Animator: Shynola, The Directors Bureau Editor: Josh Melnick Effects: Clear, London

Tori Amos "A Sorta Fairytale"

We always wondered if Tori would still be hot if she were a monopod - i.e., just a head stuck on a single leg - and now we know. Yup, she's still hot. The high heel helps, but she'd be hot even in a bunny slipper. This bizarre Dali-esque wonder clip features Tori and The Pianist star Adrien Brody as heads on single limbs (he's on an arm, which surely lent a hand to his Oscar win), though they manage to get around town quite well. Tori even hops on a skateboard and cruises. They eventually get to the beach, where it seems kissing makes them whole again, as their limbs re-emerge in the most appallingly phallic fashion. We thought for a second there was gonna be a money shot. Even without one, it's all simply fabulous.

Director: Sanji, Believe Media Editor: Russell Glasgow, Digital Domain Effects: Digital Domain

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