Andrew Zuckerman

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Andrew Zuckerman's studio is minimal and clean, which makes sense for a photographer who often shoots on a white background. "White for me has a sense of modernity and absence," he says. "From absence and white I can create something." In fact, the 26 year-old's career was built from a white background. After cleaning darkrooms as a teenager in exchange for class time at New York's International Center of Photography, Zuckerman moved to New York from Maryland to attend the School of Visual Arts. There, he assisted fine art photographer Christopher Astley, whose wife was an editor at Vogue and gave Zuckerman his first professional job, shooting back-of-book items on white background. Now repped by Creative Management, Zuckerman says that success for him is about the marriage of commercial work with the personal, something that he's had the rare pleasure of tasting on in-house commercial work for Puma, featuring athletic shoes and baby animals on a white backdrop, stamped with the tag "New Arrivals." He first worked with Puma's creative director Adam Petrick through jobs with Philadelphia agency GYRO, though now Zuckerman collaborates directly with the client, also serving as art director. He's also shot for adidas, American Express, Yellow Pages and Mass Mutual.

Overall, Zuckerman prefers shooting objects rather than people, because "the things that we have say more about us," he says. His personal work includes building and photographing an ant farm, a white-on-white study of technological waste and shots of empty TV show sets, including one from Frasier recently bought by Paramount. He is also starting a directing career with production company Cohn & Co., shooting spec spots that include funny outtakes from his Puma shoot with a baby chimp, an adidas commercial that documents a shoe worn and photographed every day for several months and seductive Apple spots featuring actor Maggie Gyllenhaal.

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