Every inquisitive ad exec needs an almanac

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In 2001 Advertising Age informed readers the average 30-second spot on Super Bowl XXXVI was between $1.95 million and $2 million, the average magazine monitored by Publishers Information Bureau dropped 9.2% in ad pages and Average Town USA was Wichita Falls, Texas.

In fact, over the course of the year, more than 209 Ad Age stories emoted "average" factoids from these pages, most coming from marketers discussing marketing strategy, a brand's success or an industry's strength. Such facts give substance to stories and often, pure fascination.

So turnabout is fair play. The next four Almanac pages give AA the opportunity to deliver back to the marketer, media maven and agency executive a wide range of neat fact packages-from where and how Americans live, their education and consumption trends and time-honored pursuit of leisure time.

Depending on the beholder, a fact in the form of an average may read like a fabricated notion. But the average shoe has a little wiggle room. So try these on for size:

You, the typical American vacation traveler, are 46 and a college graduate and in 2000 you were one of 4.3 million passengers to fly between Atlanta and New York-highest trafficked air route on the continent that year.

You annually consume 10 pounds of coffee, eat 258 eggs and more than likely munch on a Kellogg Co. Pop-Tart-one of millions sold during the year that, if stacked end to end, would circle the globe 6.8 times. You annually drink 2.1 gallons of wine, eat 12.2 pounds of chocolate and consume as much sugar confection (mostly around Halloween) while sitting in your favorite mode of transportation, a truck.

If that's not exactly you, you're somewhere in the numbers. And that's a fact.

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