Matthew Wood, Whitehouse, Chicago

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To steer its latest campaign for Nascar, the Martin Agency went directly to Whitehouse editor Matthew Wood, who would serve as director, along with Riot/Manhattan's Randie Swanberg and Tom McCollough. It seemed appropriate given the nature of the project, which combines stock footage of old school racing greats with modern heroes on the track. In the first spot of the series, "Pre-race," opening shots unite the drivers of yesterday and today in the garage as they get ready, and the closing sequences feature them climbing into the cars as an announcer yells, "Gentlemen, start your engines." Going through about 20 hours of old footage from the Nascar archives in Daytona with the Riot team, Wood picked shots that left enough room for the modern drivers and reflected the many stages of a race. Riot's team then layered in live action footage that allowed contemporary drivers Dale Earnhardt, Jr. and Dale Jarrett to stand next to old-timers like Richard Petty. Taking the driver's seat on the project, strangely enough, Wood at one point actually edited the spots in a car. Riding to the Homestead-Miami Speedway, where the team would shoot the live-action footage, Wood "roughed out the stock cuts, so that by the time we got to Miami, I had an idea of what a 30-second spot of old footage would look like," he says. "Then we had to find the modern angle to match it." One of the trickiest aspects of the project was matching new footage with the limited camera angles of the older footage. "In the '60s and '70s it was a guy with a 16mm at the side of the track," he says. "You just can't get there now, with regulations and fences."
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