Peter Odiorne, Crew Cuts

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Cutting "Exhale," for Reebok/NFL Team Apparel out of the Arnell Group, Crew Cuts' Peter Odiorne no doubt was aware that success in the edit suite often hinges crucially on what happens during the shoot. Not only did he edit the spot, he also directed it with his brother Jeff, a founder and former creative director of Odiorne, Wilde, Narraway and Partners. The visually lush spot opens with a shot of Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback Donovan McNabb on the stadium bench about to jump onto the field, exhaling a misty cloud of breath as he pulls off his fur-trimmed coat. The camera then pans seamlessly to the right through slo-mo wintery Philly street scenes of various Eagles fans before reuniting with McNabb, back on the bench. After receiving a broad brief from the agency for a spot that connected McNabb to his fans, the brothers created their own boards and decided on a seamless edit, a choice that required a lot of pre-planning. "To pan by each scene, get all the information in, figure in the backend logo, we had to calculate ahead of time exactly how long each shot was going to be from the get-go, so this was very much an editorial project," he notes. On the shoot the grips ran the cameras on speed rails,"shooting at 90 frames per second. In order to make each one match in the final cut, we did a time test on how it needed to come together in the edit." To create smooth segues, "we talked about each scene having an in point and an out point even before we started cutting. On set we would put a practical wipe on the inside and the outside of the cut and in the edit we cut the scenes together so that the wipes met-a straight cut in the Avid." Nice Shoes then created mattes of various objects-trash cans, phone booths, mail boxes-which were placed in the wipe frames, clearing the slate for the next scene. The initial cut then took only a day. "It definitely took an editor's eye to figure out how we wanted to get in and out of the scene,"says Odiorne. "Had we not calculated technically where we wanted to put things, the timing would have been completely whacked."
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