The Production A-List '09: Tool

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Founded 1995

Principals: Brian Latt and Jennifer Siegel, Executive Producers: Dustin Callif, Executive Producer Digital

Roster:Harry Cocciolo, Sean Ehringer, Andrew Hardaway, Erich Joiner, Sam Jones, Robert Richardson, Tom Routson, Geordie Stephens, Jason Zada

Interactive Directors:Jason Rohrer: Videogame Creator, Grant Skinner: Creative Technologist, Carlos Ulloa: Creative Technologist, The Company P: Participatory Entertainment Specialists

Once known primarily for its comedic chops, and then for its visual expertise as former home to the stellar visual talents that now make up Paranoid Pictures, Tool retooled again in the last twelve months in order to tackle with full force the challenges of new media and digital production. Earlier this year the shop signed Dustin Califf, former MD/owner of digital marketing agency Spacedog entertainment to implement its digital production offerings, while director-wise, it beefed up with digital superstars like Jason Rohrer, creator of celebrated indie game Passage, Flash pro Grant Skinner, Papervision founder Carlos Ulloa, and, most recently, Company P, the Swedish pervasive entertainment masterminds behind the Emmy-awarded alternate reality game and series, The Truth About Marika. As a result, the company's output has grown in dimension with work like Jones' interactive Cold War Kids "I've Seen Enough" video as well as Grant Skinner's inventive banners for Wieden's Nike ProCombat campaign. Meanwhile, the company hasn't slowed on the traditional front. Joiner turned out an Emmy-nominated hilariously mortifying web film for DDB Chicago and Budweiser, "Magazine Approval," while Geordie Stevens turned out heaps of laughs for Stride, Purity Organic, and Keep California Beautiful.

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