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How Do the Media Pros Binge on Content?

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How do the media pros binge on content? Plus a few new shows to get hooked on. Share what you're watching -- and how you're doing it.

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Christy Tanner, senior VP-general manager, CBS Interactive Media Group

On viewing platforms: "Because I'm in the TV service, I have everything. I really love the Roku interface compared to everything else. However, we tend to use whatever's on hand. If the kids are playing Wii, we'll turn on Netflix through Wii. We're heavy consumers. We have iTunes, Amazon, Hulu and Netflix and we'll watch them on Wii, Apple TV, Roku and -- because I live in New York... Time Warner is my cable provider -- Time Warner On Demand."

"Most people are just realizing that most prime-time shows are available on demand. I use my DVR a little bit less, because I know that I can just catch up through on demand."

On sleeper picks: "I love 'Nashville,' which is in its second season. I love Connie Britton, and they've written such a great character for her. I also love the supporting cast in that show. I love Nashville as a setting. You get a taste of Nashville and the country-music scene. I love Charles Esten, who plays Deacon, and Powers Boothe, who plays Lamar, Rayna's dad."

Peter Tortorici, CEO, GroupM Entertainment Global

On what he looks for: "Great storytelling. And part of what makes great storytelling are great characters. Really fully realized, really compelling characters. Every one of those shows that I love, I love because of those things. And it all starts with great writers and then it's just the miracle of all of the pieces coming together."

On original content: "Original content is what defines you as a media brand. I remember when HBO was only known for movies -- way back when dinosaurs ruled the Earth. And the fact of the matter is that the management then knew that original series was what would continue to be relevant to its end users. ... And now Netflix has made an auspicious beginning. I think that as more players really commit to doing great content, it'll be better for them, for their platforms, for people who want to consume their media content. It'll be better for their business."

Charlotte Koh, director, Original Programming, Hulu

On sleeper picks: "I love 'Mongrels,' which I feel like is under watched and they only made two seasons of it for BBC 3. It's like 'Family Guy' meets 'Sesame Street.' It's a bunch of animals that live behind a pub and they have these adorable puppets."

On binge-watching: "I think shows that have highly serialized storylines, whether it's comedy, drama or documentary, tend to be the ones you're gonna get a lot of pleasure out of watching multiple episodes at a time, because the writing and plotting is really intricate and you wanna be in that world and not forget the detail week to week."

"Part of the joy of the binge is that you are immediately immersed and invested in the characters and it's hard to do in 22 minutes."

On creating a personal lineup: "I love the fact that we have integration with Facebook … so I think a lot of curation. Everyone has a friend or two who watches the most TV or has seen all of the movies... and then... I still believe that there is a lot of expertise in going through critics."

"Pilot episodes are notoriously difficult, because you have to set up so much exposition. So we tell people, 'You should at least get to episode three of a new show before you decide.'"

Maryam Banikarim, SVP, chief marketing officer, Gannett

I LOVE TV. Always have. Always will. I have a penchant for mysteries -- Wallander, Homeland and the one I just finished binge watching on a 5 hour plane ride: Broadchurch. If we're watching TV as a family it's either 'Modern Family,' 'The Voice' or 'The X Factor.' With the holidays nearing, one of my favorite things to do is go to the movies -- the newest 'Hunger Games' and 'August Osage County' are already on my list. I've been having a good deal of plane time of late, and I just finished Amy Hatvany's 'Safe with Me.' I couldn't put it down. That book is a movie waiting to happen. Wait, did I just come full circle?"


Lisa Donohue, CEO, Starcom USA

On apps: "Major League Baseball has an app called 'At Bat.' ... You can choose between whichever team's local broadcast, so obviously, since I'm from Boston, I pick the New England sports-team broadcast."

"I also use the 'Zeebox' app, particularly again with sports, because that brings in different data and augmented content to the viewing."

On new shows that excite her: "One is 'Blacklist.' ... James Spader is always kind of appealing and he plays a good bad guy, if you will. This one will sound a little bit odd, but there's always room for odd and that is 'American Horror Story' -- it really keeps you focused and engaged."

Paul Guyardo, chief revenue and marketing officer, DirecTV

On shows he watches: "I watch different shows with different family members. The latest one that my 12-year-old daughter had plugged me into is 'MasterChef Junior.' With my 16-year-old son, we're catching up on 'Sons of Anarchy.' I tuned him in to 'Game of Thrones' -- which he was resistant to watch initially, but loves it now -- 'Justified' and 'Breaking Bad.' ...With my wife, we watch 'Homeland,' 'Boardwalk Empire,' and 'Downton Abbey' -- although, I do much prefer seasons one and two."

On viewing devices: "I've even invested in a Galaxy Note 2, which I get a lot of abuse for because of the size of it, but it does make for really, really great TV watching."

On second and third screens: "I know that's a trend, but I love to get absorbed in the moment. Watching in the middle of the night I will use my Bose headset for two reasons: 1) so that I'm not waking up my family; 2) on these dialogue-intensive shows, I want to make sure that I am hearing every word."

Dana Brunetti, producer, Trigger Street Productions (producer of "House of Cards," "The Social Network," "Captain Phillips," the upcoming "Fifty Shades of Grey")

On sleeper picks: "'Peep Show' -- the hilarious dark quest of two anti-heroes that give you a tour de force of squirm; 'The Fall' -- a serial-killer/detective drama that makes 'Dexter' look like 'CSI: Miami;' 'Shark Tank' -- one of the best reality TV shows out there for any business buff; 'Hell on Wheels' -- a gritty and entertaining Western with a diverse mix of characters."

On what he's streaming: "'Orange Is the New Black' [it] creates an approachable model to tell stories about minorities that otherwise would go untold in the mainstream. 'Derek': Ricky Gervais takes the format that made him a household name and builds it around an entirely original and hilarious character with tons of heart and humanity."

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