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How Do You Go to the Game?

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How do you go to the game? Ad Age asked industry football fans for tips on staying warm and full. (Hint: Bring the bresaola.)

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Brandon Steiner - founder/CEO, Steiner Sports (Giants)

On Parking: "I always invest in the best parking pass. You get those on StubHub. I always buy the best parking pass. I scout out the parking lots. I always park in a spot that's not close to entrance but close to the exit. I like to get to the game at 5 to 1. That's my deal. But I give it up on the other side. I don't want to leave the game early. I don't believe in that."

Trey Wingo - host of NFL Live and nfl primetime

On Parking: "Parking is huge. The number one thing to do is get a parking pass. The best parking pass is better than the best ticket. Get the A lot ticket, it's better than a seat on the 50 yard line. If you don't have one, just think of it like going to the dentist. Just sit tight and try to relax, because it's not gonna be fun later."

On Food: "Whatever the local is, get it. Dive into it. You can't go to the Lambeau Field and not be eating brats. At Arrowhead, which is the best smelling stadium by the way, you have to go for the barbecue. In Pittsburgh, it's all about the kielbasa."

Durk Barnhill – CEO, Saatchi, New York (Giants)

On Food: "I'm a total purist. I don't do sushi or salad at a football stadium. Hot dogs, hamburgers and Miller Light – they're a client. Maybe some popcorn."

On Seating: "Always sit in the end zone, if you can. You can see the best part and even if the other team scores you have a great view."

Michael Safran, SVP Advertising Sales, USA TODAY

Sponsor Tip on Food: "Having lived and gone to school in Rochester, New York, I spent many Sundays making the hour trip west to cheer on my Buffalo Bills. While the weather may not always (or almost ever) be ideal, there's no better game day experience than "The Ralph." In Buffalo, no self-respecting football fan would show up to a tailgate party without wings. I also highly recommend continuing your football food-binge with beef on weck and sausage and peppers. In Buffalo, make sure you dress warm, it gets real cold."


Chris Isenberg – Partner, Doubleday & Cartwright (Jets)

On Food: "Ziplocs are important. That way you can smuggle in some of the food you brought. But don't get too greedy, just so that it fits into your pockets. A little ziploc full of sausage or steak slices. A pocketful of bresaola is great."

Matt Britton – founder/CEO of MRY (Eagles)

On Rituals: "There's an old Eagles T-shirt I like to wear, but mostly, I just show my support through social media. I make sure everyone knows I'm watching them play."

Tony Wells – CMO, ADT Security Services (Ravens & 49ers)

On Food: "It's important to have a personal treat if you have any dietary restrictions. My wife's like that so she packs herself a little something."

On Seating: "Spend some time plotting where your seat is. Go online and check the location and the time you'll be there so that you know if you are going to be in a sunny area or a shady one where you might be colder. Knowing where your seat is also helps you plan your exit."

Extra Tip: "Timing is important. TV timeouts are significant. A lot of people don't know or do this, but you can make it to the concession stand and then head back to your seat. I like to be in my seat for half time to enjoy the show and stretch a little bit instead of making the mad dash."

Matt Mirchin – SVP, Global Brand and Sports Marketing, Under Armour (Ravens)

On Food: "You can get to a 1 o'clock game at 8 am, there's so much crab cakes and tailgating going on. It's like they said in that movie Wedding Crashers… 'crab cakes and football, that's what Maryland does.'"

Derek Barnes – Executive Creative Director, Grey (Saints)

On Food: "There should be no shortage of beer. Get a good base of booze and hot dogs before going. At the [Mercedes Benz] Superdome- seafood - they have local Cajun concessions. There's Lucky Dogs on the street, which is never a bad thing to get before or after the game. It's a historic New Orleans staple."

On Attire: "Get your game day jersey two sizes too big to be able to wear a sweater and jacket underneath it."

Chris Lencheski - President, Front Row Marketing (Jets)

On Food: "Jacksonville [EverBank Field] is a place where the food is fantastic. The food is better than the team! The food is better than the experience. It would be great to see what some of the NFL teams would do with Ovations, because they're a unique food group – they have a farm to table strategy and, in major sports, that's not found very often."

Extra Tip: "The nice thing about football is it's essentially one day a week… you can plan your week around that particular three or four hour window…For me, I use it for dates with my daughter. It's a good tip for, at least, fathers, in my opinion. It gives you a three-hour window to talk to the daughter."

Andrea Fairchild – VP, global sports nutrition group, Gatorade (PepsiCo) (Bears)

On Attire: "I recommend being supportive yet fashionable. Go with team colors, but maybe skip the jersey/ Zubaz pants/ face paint look. And, definitely keep the heels at home."

"Dress in layers and always be prepared for the worst. The wind off Lake Michigan is harsh so there are times when I'm in full-on ski gear. I stock up on the hand and feet warmers. You can never have too many of them."

"I don't ever wear jerseys, never. A baseball cap usually shows my team spirit. I always sing 'Bear Down' following a score while high-fiving those around me."

Alyssa Milano – actress and founder of Touch by Alyssa Milano (Giants)

On Attire: "Do wear anything that you feel good in that lets you fly the colors. Don't wear any pink fan apparel. Exception: if it's breast cancer awareness month you can wear pink."

Lee Teller EVP, Sports & Sponsorship, Matter, Inc. (Giants)

Extra Tip: "I make sure my iPhone is fully charged, so I can check the out of town scoreboard and my fantasy league."

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