Road to the Upfront 2009

Navigating New York City During Upfront Week

A Map to the TV Networks' Presentations

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Starting on May 18, there will be a lot of agency and TV folk running around Manhattan as part of the annual buying and selling ritual known as the TV upfront market.

MediaWorks Maps -- Upfront 2009
Don't forget your invites and your photo IDs. Just check the map for where you need to be when.
Click to see the Upfront 2009 map

Ad Age's MediaWorks has put together this map of where Fox, ABC, CBS, the CW, ESPN and Turner Broadcasting are holding their presentations, as well as where to catch NBC's Comedy Showcase. Click one of the place marks for information on each network's presentation.

We tell you when each starts, where you need to be, the best subway to use to get there and which networks are planning to serve you breakfast or a cocktail. We've also included a little cheat sheet on each network, listing ratings, ad revenue and an outlook for next season.

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