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Small Agency Campaign of the Year-Integrated, Silver: 'Be the Batman,' Battery

Live-Action Spots Featured Citizens Rising to Heroism in Everyday Situations

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'Be the Batman' for Warner Bros. from Battery
'Be the Batman' for Warner Bros. from Battery Credit: Warner Bros.

Los Angeles-based Battery has maintained impressive momentum since taking home last year's Silver Agency of the Year Award for shops with fewer than 10 employees. Today, Battery has 17 full-time staffers and its successful "Be the Batman" campaign for Warner Bros.' video game "Batman: Arkham Knight" broke all first-week sales records for the franchise.

The multimedia campaign centered on the idea of Batman's humanity -- as explained by CEO Anson Sowby, "he represents the best of us, yet he is a flawed individual who we can relate to -- the antihero." The brand's first live-action spots, which aired during the 2015 NBA Finals, featured citizens rising to heroism in everyday situations. Next, the agency scripted a gameplay trailer that better emphasized the game's features for its core audience. It also plastered ads everywhere from the YouTube home page to massive billboards in Times Square.

Sony credited the campaign as the biggest console sales driver of the quarter.

Battery Credit: Battery

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