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Small Agency Campaign of the Year, Integrated, Silver: 'A Balloon for Ben,' Zulu Alpha Kilo for Cineplex

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The Work: Zulu Alpha Kilo delivered another touching animated short, "A Balloon for Ben," for Cineplex, Canada's largest theater chain. Part of the brand's "See the Big Picture" campaign, the film comes on the heels of the brand's adorable debut film, "Lily and the Snowman." The new short uses the whimsical metaphor of balloons filled with light created from films that unleash captivating stories when popped, and which deflate when families don't make the time to pop them together. The point is to illustrate how watching movies can bring loved ones together. The campaign, which also included movie posters, interactive screens, gift cards and social, encouraged viewers to "Make time for what you love."

Why It Won: Zulu Alpha Kilo proved again that it has powerful branded-storytelling chops across platforms. The agency initially aimed for 5 million video views but revised the goal to double that number within 24 hours of the film's release. To date, "Balloon" has earned more than 13 million views, it said. The song backing it, a cover of Fleetwood Mac's "Everywhere," earned 50,000 listens online.

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