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Small Agency Campaign of the Year, Pro Bono, Gold: 'Pay With Your Balls,' Terri & Sandy for Barba

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Movember, the yearly event in which guys let their mustaches grow wild throughout November to raise awareness for men's health issues, got a cheekily inventive boost from New York grooming shop Barba and agency Terri & Sandy. Their spin was a tempting offer for a "free" post-Movember grooming session—if the customer agreed to "pay" with his balls.

How it worked: The free trim was given to participants in a testicular cancer screening, given right on the spot. Ballsy (sorry) signs promoted the event throughout the store's Chelsea neighborhood in Manhattan, and the shop itself had signage and fun decor, including hundreds of jars filled with ping-pong balls. Participants also went home with cool swag: boxers with the "Pay With Your Balls" tagline.

The campaign generated more than 9 million PR impressions and customers booked 100% of the screening appointments. Interest was so high that the shop extended the offer, which originally was set only for Dec. 1 to 3, and accepted 40 more appointments over the following week.

"We wanted to take this taboo topic [of testicular cancer] out of the closet," said Barba founder Xavier Cruz. "This is exactly what Terri & Sandy helped us accomplish. Barba became a safe place to talk about the disease, not to mention take action against it. The energy in the salon was amazing. Every single chair was filled with men comfortably learning about self-exams and early detection. Even cancer survivors contributed to our social outreach. I've never been more proud of any service we've offered."

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