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Small Agency Campaign of the Year, Pro Bono, Silver: 'Trump Hut,' DCX Growth Accelerator

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Trump Hut
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The Work: Last year's Pro Bono Campaign Gold winner, Brooklyn, N.Y.-based DCX Growth Accelerator, returned with another buzzworthy idea that got election-watchers talking. "Trump Hut" was a massive piece of protest art resembling the golden mane of our current POTUS (and was big enough to glamp out in). Meant to highlight how neighborhood gentrification and housing displacement affects low-income communities, it made its debut in Brooklyn's Red Hook neighborhood at the realty-themed art show "Gut Rehab," stopped at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland and then returned to New York -- landing in front of Trump Tower in Midtown.

Why It Won: The campaign was a wacky (and fun) creative idea that successfully rode the election media wave to bring attention to its cause. According to the agency, "Trump Hut" earned more than 100 million media impressions, including attention from major outlets such as The Washington Post, which called it, "The most baffling (but eye-catching!) Trump protest we have seen in Cleveland so far."

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