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Small Agency B-to-B Campaign of the Year, Silver: Godfrey Q

'Run, Business, Run!'

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Weaving a compelling message around the promise of minimizing IT downtime is a challenging task to say the least. Yet San Francisco ad agency Godfrey Q rose to the occasion in a big way with "Run, Business, Run!"

At the core of the campaign are four videos, each featuring a professionally dressed man running on a treadmill. As he runs, the man is confronted by challenges known to knock out software systems such as natural disasters, human error and cybercrime. In the cybercrime video, for instance, a criminal descends from the ceiling and rips the man off the treadmill, slamming him into a bookcase. But the man brushes himself off and gets right back on the treadmill. The cybercriminal sulks away.

"We had a bunch of ideas that could have worked fine, but none of them really got us excited," said Godfrey Q Associate Creative Director Andy Mera. "Then on the morning of our first presentation, I went to the gym before work and saw someone fall off a treadmill. (Well, OK, maybe it was me). And that was it. There was the idea."

The campaign landing page, according to Godfrey Q, registred 1.3 million pageviews. And Symantec's social following grew by 14%.

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