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Shop Steps Up to Save Jesse's Deli, Threatened by Rent Increase

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#JessesPricedOut for Jesse's Deli by DCX Growth Accelerator
#JessesPricedOut for Jesse's Deli by DCX Growth Accelerator  Credit: Jesse's Deli

When DCX Growth Accelerator founder Douglas Cameron learned that Jesse's Deli, a spot where he'd been getting breakfast sandwiches for 11 years, was being forced out of business due to an extreme rent increase, he said the agency "needed to make people care." DCX launched a price-hike sale at Jesse's, raising costs and renaming products, such as $15.99 for "artisanal roach bombs," aka Raid. A whole block in Washington Heights did the same. Jesse's also put its window space on Airbnb -- dubbed AirBnBodega -- for $329.99. The story, which was covered on 38 TV broadcasts and in over 1,500 magazines and blogs and 30 newspapers, helped push the Small Business Jobs Survival Act, moving it from 14 supporters in City Hall to the 26 needed to pass the bill. And Jesse's Deli stayed open.

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