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Six (more) things you didn't know about Anselmo Ramos

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Anselmo Ramos, co-founder of Gut
Anselmo Ramos, co-founder of Gut Credit: Anselmo Ramos

Ad Age's Small Agency Conference is two weeks away. To give you a taste of the upcoming festivities, we are highlighting conference keynote Anselmo Ramos by bringing back our "Six Things" feature in which we reveal little- known things about the industry's top professionals.

Here, we uncover fascinating tidbits about Ramos, who founded new independent shop Gut, based in Miami and Buenos Aires, with partner Gaston Bigio this past spring. The pair started anew this year after seeing plenty of success on clients like Burger King and Kraft Heinz at the previous agency they founded, David, part of the Ogilvy network.

Ramos had previously shared six curious things about himself just after leaving Ogilvy Brazil to open David -- like his strange taste in reading materials, his knitting hobby and his fascination with a particular action star.

Now, ahead of his Small Agency Conference presentation about why he decided to go "indie," he opens up about six more.

7. He's over Jean-Claude Van Damme

Well, kind of. He still loves Van Damme's films and watches them regularly. But when it comes to advertising, it's been done. So he feels it's time to find a new celebrity to inspire the creatives to come up with ideas. He's in between Julio Iglesias and Dolly Parton.

8. He loves public speaking

Even though he still hasn't had the courage to include "speaker" on his LinkedIn profile, Ramos has been giving a lot of talks lately in places like Ecuador, Brazil, Lithuania, Turkey, and The Philippines. So his Small Agency talk should be entertaining. (No pressure, Anselmo.)

9. He's "stolen" from the Palais des Festival at Cannes

Ramos has been going to Cannes every year since 1995 except this year (and it felt weird). He considered himself "a proud ad nerd" back then. At the closing time of the very last day, the festival workers would start taking the boards of the work down. He would wait patiently and then dive into the trash pile and take the gold winners' boards home. He still has a couple of original ones.

10. He got into Harvard

He's taking the Harvard OPM course, which includes classes in Strategy, Leadership, Operations, Negotiation, and Finance. For the finance homework, sometimes he needs to call Giselle, Gut's chief financial officer, for extra help. The Harvard OPM54 Whatsapp group apparently is very active.

11. He never finishes a book or TV show that he loves

That's because he doesn't want the feeling to end. So he just stops to read it or watches it to around 70% of completion. He still hasn't finished "Curb Your Enthusiasm." His favorite book series ever is "Rocambole" from Ponson du Terrail. When he was 14, he read seven out of 10 thick volumes. He's not planning to finish the remaining three volumes anytime soon.

12. He's losing a lot of money -- to his hair

His partner Gaston Bigio complains he loses 80 hours every year because of Ramos' hair. Every morning he blow dries his hair, then shapes it carefully with a pomade recommended by his Brazilian hairdresser Evandro Angelo. He says he would never tell us the brand (but it's Wella Texture Touch Dry).

What you still don't know is why Anselmo Ramos finally decided to go out on his own. Find out at Ad Age's Small Agency Conference on July 17 and 18 in Marina Del Rey California.

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