A manual for Nascar sponsorship 2005

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Speed Week is under way, and the Daytona 500 is slated for Feb. 20. Nascar's other two top series kick off this week-the Craftsman Truck Series on Feb. 18 and the Busch Series a day later.

Nascar's 2005 sponsor roster ranges from an official water (Dasani) to an official pain reliever (Goody's), as well as more-expected designations like official automotive battery (Exide). Below are Nascar's Official Partners and Official Promotional Partners for 2005, including explanations on many of the intricacies of these sponsorship roles.

Official Internet service provider/ instant messenger/e-mail

America Online

(Time Warner)

Official convenience store



Official series sponsor (1)


Official hotel

Best Western

Official beer



Official series sponsor



Official auto finance partner


Official pace car

Chevrolet Monte Carlo

(General Motors Corp.)

Preferred uniform/uniform supplier/ first aid supplier


Official soft drink


Official series sponsor/official tools


(Sears, Roebuck & Co.)

Official water


(Coca-Cola Co.)

Official attraction

Daytona USA

(International Speedway Corp.)

Official passenger car

Dodge Charger

(Chrysler Group)

Official pizza company

Domino's Pizza

Official finish

DuPont Automotive

Official alkaline battery


(Gillette Co.)

Official imaging partner

Eastman Kodak

Official automotive battery


Official trailers & luxury coaches


Official truck

Ford Trucks

Official shaving product


Exclusive tire supplier (2)


Official pain reliever



Official home improvement warehouse

Home Depot

Official industrial tractor (semis)

International Truck & Engine Co.

Official breakfast food/cereal


Official partner of Nascar

Levi Strauss Signature

Official juice

Minute Maid

(Coca-Cola Co.)

Official lubricant

Mobil 1

(Exxon Mobil Corp.)

Official series sponsor (3)


Official sponsor-various versions of "official office supply/products provider" (4)

Office Depot

Official antiperspirant & deodorant

Old Spice

(Procter & Gamble Co.)

Official oral-care products


(Gillette Co.)

Official sports beverage


(Coca-Cola Co.)

Official brakes


Official fuel


Official bank


Official partner/manufacturer


Official delivery service


Official armed service

U.S. Army

Official card


Exclusive satellite radio service (2)

XM Satellite Radio

Promotional Partner Designation

Combos (Masterfoods USA) Cheese-filled snack of Nascar (5)

Compass Group Vending company of Nascar

Country Crock (Unilever Bestfoods) Sponsor

DuPont Tyvek n/a (6)

Hellmann's (Unilever Bestfoods) Sponsor

Husqvarna Forest, lawn and garden equipment of Nascar

Jack Link's beef jerky Sponsor

Jackson Hewitt Tax service company

Lawry's (Unilever Bestfoods) Sponsor

Masterfoods USA The chocolate of Nascar fans (7)

Maxwell House (Kraft Foods) Preferred coffee

MeadWestvaco Performance from Start to Finish (8)

Nabisco (Kraft Foods) Preferred cookies and crackers

Nicoderm (GlaxoSmithKline) Sponsor

Outback Steakhouse n/a

Pedigree (Masterfoods USA) Nascar Fans' Best Friend

Planters (Kraft Foods) Preferred snack nuts

Ragu (Unilever Bestfoods) Sponsor

Solo Cup Sponsor

Tide (Procter & Gamble Co.) n/a

USG Building products supplier

Waste Management Sponsor

Notes: The Official Partner/Sponsor is the premium sponsorship position at Nascar because the marketer gets to use the "official" designation, which Promotional Partners cannot. Official and Promotional Partners fill Nascar categories that resemble their designations. For example, Kellogg's, the official breakfast food/cereal, falls into the Breakfast Foods category, and Country Crock, one of the" Proud Sponsors of Nascar," covers the Butter/Margarine Spread category. Nascar has several open categories for which it's seeking sponsors, including Computer Hardware, Computer Software and Footwear.

1-AutoZone sponsors the regional AutoZone Elite Division.

2-Goodyear provides tires for Nascar races; Nascar satellite radio content is broadcast exclusively on XM.

3-Nascar Nextel Cup Series remains the name of Nascar's premier series in 2005, even as Sprint is in the process of acquiring Nextel.

4-The sponsor chooses its official designation; one option is to use several based on the same theme.

5-Promotional Partners cannot use the "official" designation but instead use a variety of other designations including "Proud Sponsor of Nascar" (here listed simply as "Sponsor"). Many of the Promotional Partners are brands with a common parent (like Kraft Foods for Maxwell House, Nabisco and Planters); this has become a trend for Nascar, in which a large marketer signs a partnership deal and then links Nascar to several brands.

6-Some Promotional Partners have no designation, though they still fall into a Nascar category; for example, Tyvek occupies the Home Weatherization Systems category.

7-"The chocolate of Nascar fans" designation covers the following Masterfoods brands: Dove, Mars, Milky Way, M&M's, Snickers, 3 Musketeers and Twix.

8-MeadWestvaco is in the Paper category.

Source: Nascar

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