Super Bowl 2008

The Super Bowl Ads Bob Garfield Didn't Like

Watch the Ad Age Ad Critic's Postgame Video Show

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NEW YORK ( -- Ad Age ad critic Bob Garfield disliked so many commercials in this year's Super Bowl that his report about them makes up his full seven-minute post-game video show. Looking beyond just creative quality or selling effectiveness, Garfield asks larger cultural questions about the TV spots. For instance, is it acceptable to use ad imagery likely to scare young children as Audi and did in this year's Bowl? Is it right to turn cause marketing for AIDS or cancer cures into such a hard sell for the Dell or McDonald's products? Was the Victoria's Secret spot aimed at anything other than young males' masturbatory fantasies? Was it appropriate for Pepsi to pitch its Diet Pepsi Max as if it were a drug rather than a soft drink? And, was the joke that ended the Bridgestone tire commercial grounded in homophobia?

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