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The 10 Super Bowl Commercials That Blew up the Biggest in Social Media

Bluefin Labs Data Pits a Metrosexual British Soccer Star Against Clint Eastwood. And the Winner Is ...

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Clint Eastwood in Chrysler's 'Halftime in America' spot
Clint Eastwood in Chrysler's 'Halftime in America' spot

Earlier this morning we published a post titled "Five Amazing Facts About Social Media and the Super Bowl," featuring data generated by our editorial partner Bluefin Labs, the Cambridge, Mass.-based social-TV analytics company. Here's the promised follow-up: A list of the 10 Super Bowl spots that garnered the highest levels of response, as tracked by Bluefin across social media (primarily on Twitter and Facebook).

Note that in the hours and days ahead, the comment tallies for each of these spots will surely continue to explode. For the purposes of this chart, Bluefin collected comments within a 45-minute window from when each ad aired.

Scroll down below the graphic for some context.

  • Wait, some half-naked fancy British fella who plays soccer had the top Super Bowl commercial? Yep, in terms of immediate social-media response. The H&M Bodywear ad featuring David Beckham racked up 108,914 social-media comments in the first 45 minutes. Bluefin estimates that 83% of comments came from females, 17% from males.
  • Not far behind in second place: the Chrysler ad featuring Clint Eastwood. Social-media commentary skewed 65% male/35% female for this spot.
  • A Betty White cameo propelled NBC's "Vocal Kombat" promo for "The Voice" into third place with 90,282 social-media comments within 45 minutes of its airing.
  • As always, Bluefin Labs did sentiment analysis on all the social-media comments it collected. Of the Top 10 spots, Doritos' "Man's Best Friend" ad -- which takes our No. 4 spot in terms of comment volume -- had the highest positive sentiment: 61% (vs. 29% neutral and 10% negative).
  • Miss any of the spots above during a bathroom break or fridge run yesterday? You're in luck. Instant Replay: See All the Super Bowl Spots Again and Again.

Simon Dumenco is the "Media Guy" columnist for Advertising Age. You can follow him on Twitter @simondumenco. You can follow Bluefin Labs on Twitter @bluefinlabs.

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