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A '1984' Reader 30 Years Later: A Brief History of Apple's Instantly Iconic Super Bowl Commercial

Lee Clow Has Been Whipping Advertising Fans on Twitter into a Frenzy

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The rumor of the week is that Apple may be back in the Super Bowl, marking the 30th anniversary of the birth of the Macintosh and the airing of the instantly iconic "1984" spot during Super Bowl XVII. The source of that rumor? Twitter, of course -- and specifically tweets from legendary ad man Lee Clow, like this one:

Which, inevitably, has prompted responses like this one:

Apple, naturally, is not tipping its hat. For the record, though, Chris aka @whoisccd, and you, and I, are now all going to be super disappointed if Apple is a Super Bowl no-show.

But meanwhile, to mark the 30th anniversary of "1984" and to tide you over until Feb. 2, we've pulled together a sort of five-part "1984" Reader, starting with footage of a very young Steve Jobs back in 1983, enthusiastically screening the ad to an equally enthusiastic audience. Mr. Jobs makes sure to credit Jay Chiat, the now-deceased head of the agency behind the ad, TBWA/Chiat/Day; Mr. Clow, the creative director on the ad; and copywriter Steve Hayden.

Lee Clow on How Apple's '1984' Almost Didn't Happen
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