Super Bowl

Will a Weight Watchers Super Bowl Ad Resonate During America's Biggest Snackathon?

The Diet Marketer Confirms Big Game Ad Buy

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This sounds like a potential buzzkill: Weight Watchers is planning to air an ad during the Super Bowl, which is one of the biggest eating days of the year.

The diet marketer confirmed the ad buy today through a spokeswoman. But Weight Watchers declined to discuss specifics, other than to say that the spot will run nationally and is by agency-of-record, Wieden & Kennedy.

Judging by Weight Watcher's newest campaign, the brand could seize on the irony of trying to sell a weight loss message during a food holiday such as the Super Bowl.

The campaign, which launched late last year, is called "Help With the Hard Part." Ads have sought to depict the complex relationships that people have with food. In one spot, called "World of Food," food is pretty much everywhere. The goal is to direct people to the marketer's revamped plans that now include expert one-on-one coaching that is available online, rather than only at meetings.

The Super Bowl ad is further evidence of Weight Watchers relying heavily on expensive marketing in an attempt to fuel a comeback. The company in recent years has struggled to grow revenues as more free online calorie-counting apps flood the market.

For viewers, the Super Bowl ad could go one of two ways: People will either purposely ignore it for fear of feeling guilty as they toss back beer and chips. Or maybe Weight Watchers will be able to subconsciously plant a seed that once the game is over, it might be time to start that diet again.

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