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AB-InBev Sets Loose Super Bowl Ads on Partying, and Patriotism

'Punk'd' Meets 'The Hangover' in 'Epic Night'

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Anheuser Busch-InBev has released two more of its five Super Bowl commercials, a Budweiser ad called "Hero's Welcome" and a Bud Light spot called "Epic Night."

The 60-second "Hero's Welcome" was shot earlier this month at the real-life homecoming of an Army helicopter pilot after a deployment to Afghanistan, according to the brewer. "Epic Night" is a bit of a departure for Bud Light with a hidden camera style but doesn't get very far before its 30-second are up. There's more to come in the 60-second "Epic Night Continues" on game night.

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AB-InBev previously released "Puppy Love." It has one more ad in its pocket in addition to "Epic Night Continues."

UPDATE: A-B InBev has posted an extended version of the "Not an Actor" guy's "Epic Night" adventures.

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