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From 'Mean Joe' to 'The Force': Ad Age and Hulu Present the Best Super Bowl Ads Ever

Five Decades of Commercial Storytelling in 30 Seconds or Less

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For anyone who appreciates the art and science of advertising, there's no better occasion than the Super Bowl to see a big stage, big ambitions and big budgets combine for some memorable ads, as well as some memorable misfires -- not unlike the game itself.

As you read this, directors are putting the finishing touches on this year's crop of ads. Some will be veiled in secrecy until the second they're aired; others will be released on the web early to generate interest. All will represent the brand's best effort to connect with the public and tell a story in 15, 30 or 60 seconds.

To get you ready for the big game, Ad Age has partnered with Hulu to bring you the best Super Bowl ads since the event began, whether it's Apple throwing a sledghammer through the status quo in "1984" or just a bunch of guys who had to say "Wassup." It's a subjective list, with some usual suspects as well as some surprises. Watch them in the player below or in a more sit-back environment at Hulu's AdZone and Ad Age 's Hulu show page.

We've also dug up some of the best celebrity-driven Super Bowl ads. You remember Betty White taking a hit for Snickers, but did you ever see Alan Alda unpack and set up an Atari XL home computer in 26 seconds flat?

In the coming weeks, Ad Age and Hulu will be adding "Behind the Work" video interviews with some of the most prolific and accomplished creators of Super Bowl commercials. This is in addition to our coverage of the business behind the big game, as well as post-game reviews, data and analysis. Did we miss any of your favorites? Let us know in comments.

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