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Avocados From Mexico Buys Third Consecutive Super Bowl Ad

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A scene from Avocados From Mexico's 'First Draft Ever,' its debut Super Bowl ad in 2015.
A scene from Avocados From Mexico's 'First Draft Ever,' its debut Super Bowl ad in 2015.

Avocados From Mexico will advertise in the Super Bowl for a third year in a row, this time with a humorous focus on health and wellness.

The Super Bowl remains a singularly expensive ad venue, but Avocados From Mexico has liked its returns so far. "The landscape for us still suggested that this was going to be one of the better options for us to get our story out in a quality way, with quality amounts of reach," said Kevin Hamilton, director of marketing at Avocados From Mexico.

In addition to humor, a tactic seen in Avocados From Mexico's first two Super Bowl outings, the fruit marketer's 30-second spot for Super Bowl LI is set to have a "good fats" message and potentially another celebrity appearance. The nutrition focus comes after the U.S. Food & Drug Administration this year set plans to reevaluate use of the term "healthy," in part to incorporate updated nutrition recommendations that focus on the type of fat consumed instead of the total amount of fat. That switch was a win for foods high in good-for-you fats, including avocados, that previously could not be described as healthy even while products such as fat-free pudding could make the claim.

Mr. Hamilton declined to share too many details about the spot itself. Avocados From Mexico's first Super Bowl spot, in 2015, showed a prehistoric, football-style draft of plants and animals, in which Mexico picked the avocado and draft commentary was handled by former NFL stars Doug Flutie and Jerry Rice. This year's Super Bowl spot featured an alien tour guide in an exhibit of Earthly items including a Rubik's cube and actor Scott Baio, culminating with "always in season" avocados from Mexico.

Avocados From Mexico is again working with creative agency GSD&M, media agency Havas Media and Richards Lerma for social media and digital execution.

The Mexican Hass avocado industry marketing arm is once again betting on the value of an early spot in the game. As it did this year, Avocados From Mexico expects its 30-second spot to run during the first commercial break within the game. In its first Super Bowl appearance, its spot was placed closer to the end of the first quarter.

Kevin Hamilton, Director of Marketing at Avocados From Mexico.
Kevin Hamilton, Director of Marketing at Avocados From Mexico. Credit: Avocados From Mexico

The marketer likes the early airing within the game because it then has the balance of the game and that night to keep things rolling, he added.

Avocados From Mexico plans to release its spot before Super Bowl Sunday as part of a broader campaign, Mr. Hamilton said.

"Our approach is again one that is more campaign-based than ad-based. We recognize that in today's world your approach has to be one that is all encompassing," Mr. Hamilton said. "It needs to have a complete 360 approach."

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