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Avocados From Mexico Returns to Super Bowl Highlighting Food's Versatility

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'Secret Society,' the Avocados from Mexico entry in Super Bowl LI.
'Secret Society,' the Avocados from Mexico entry in Super Bowl LI. Credit: Avocados From Mexico

Avocados From Mexico is returning to the Super Bowl for the fourth consecutive year, continuing its effort to stick out in people's minds as they're busy sticking chips into bowls of guacamole.

The Mexican Hass avocado industry's marketing arm plans to run a 30-second spot during the Feb. 4 game, the company says.

Even as some marketers used the 2017 Super Bowl to promote inclusion and otherwise respond to the election of President Trump, Avocados From Mexico continued with its humorous approach to its creative.

Its next Super Bowl ad appears set to again focus on the product, emphasizing the food's versatility, including a plan to "cast guacamole from a whole new point of view," the brand said.

"We were brainstorming here at the office and we kept saying avocados are so good it's a shame to confine it to a bowl," says Kevin Hamilton, senior director of marketing at Avocados From Mexico.

Despite avocado prices hitting record highs in the fall, Hamilton says consumers can't get enough of the product and that it still has a long runway in its pop culture prominence.

Guacamole appeared in last season's Super Bowl spot with a moment jokingly tied to subliminal advertising and featuring actor Jon Lovitz. The "Secret Society" commercial that aired early in the first quarter of Super Bowl LI featured a society that was terrible at keeping a variety of secrets (there are actually only 49 shades of grey) and the brand message that Avocados From Mexico have good fat.

The brand's prior Super Bowl spots have also included celebrity moments. In 2016, an alien tour guide explained an exhibit of Earthly items including actor Scott Baio and culminating with "always in season" avocados from Mexico ("Avocados From Space"). Avocados From Mexico's first Super Bowl spot, in 2015, showed a prehistoric, football-style draft of plants and animals, in which Mexico picked the avocado and draft commentary was handled by former NFL stars Doug Flutie and Jerry Rice ("First Draft Ever").

While Avocados From Mexico doesn't always center ads around guacamole, a "no guac, no game" spot that's currently airing shows fans who need a fresh batch of guacamole while watching football on TV. When a guy doesn't get up quickly enough to make the next bowl, a referee intervenes.

Online, it has been promoting how avocados are grown in a three-part "Avocadoland" video series.

Avocados From Mexico will work with creative agency GSD&M, media agency Havas Media and Richards Lerma for social media and digital execution.

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