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See the Best Ads From the Patriots-Eagles Super Bowl (in 2005)

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Super Bowl contenders the Patriots and the Eagles also met for the championship back in 2005, a distant era when George W. Bush was president, the iPhone still didn't exist and "You're fired!" was the TV catchphrase of a certain future commander-in-chief.

In retrospect, it was not a banner year for Super Bowl ads. There was one true WTF spot, a lot of so-so commercials and four we do recommend, courtesy of the handy Super Bowl Ad Archive. Here's hoping this year is different. - Monkeys

To be fair to the 2005 ad bowl, this classic by Cramer-Krasselt is only one of three good ads in the game (see also "Titanic" and "Whoopee Cushion"). The trio,'s Super Bowl debut, introduced viewers to a hapless human (Griffin Creech) and his chimpanzee officemates at Yeknom Industries—"monkey" spelled backwards—a theme that would continue for years.

Budweiser - Applause

"A reprise of a 1984 Bud Light spot honoring Olympic torch-bearers," Ad Age reviewer Bob Garfield wrote back in 2005, this DDB Chicago spot "was touching without veering into mawkishness, respectful without bloodlust or jingoism."

Bud Light - Skydiver

No. 1 on USA Today's annual Ad Meter, "Skydiver" by DDB Chicago was somehow both simple and surprising.

Emerald Nuts - Unicorn

Emerald drummed up a little attention before running its first Super Bowl ad by emailing reporters about a leprechaun character who appeared in an earlier version of the ad, by Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, but was cut from Super Bowl Sunday. The emails sent people to, while Emerald Nuts' own website added the warning "Don't go to" The spot works just fine without.

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