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Bill Hader to Star in Pringles' First Super Bowl Ad

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Credit: Kellogg Company via BusinessWire

Pringles -- and "Saturday Night Live" star Bill Hader -- are in the Super Bowl. The actor will appear in Pringles' first big game commercial, which will highlight the idea of stacking various flavors of the potato crisps to concoct unique flavor combinations.

The 30-second ad from Grey New York is set to air during the second quarter of the game, Kellogg said Thursday. Rhys Thomas, who previously worked with Hader directing and producing shorts for "Saturday Night Live," is directing the commercial.

The "flavor stacking" idea came together after staffers at Grey were munching on the potato crisps.

"When it dawned on them that you could create new flavors by stacking them, they took this seemingly small discovery and made it a big moment," Kellogg said in a statement.

Hader, in the statement, said (jokingly, we assume) he had no idea one could stack Pringles until this experience.

Kellogg suggests that there are about 267,720 flavor stacks people can pull together using the various Pringles flavors. For example, a bacon wrapped jalapeno popper stack would require three Pringles canisters: bacon, loaded baked potato and jalapeno.

Kellogg plans to release the spot on YouTube on Jan. 25 before its Super Bowl airing. It announced its Super Bowl buy back on Dec. 19.

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