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Real-Life Pac-Man? See Bud Light's #UpForWhatever Teaser (and a Trailer Load of Other Super Bowl Previews)

Toyota's New Trailer Takes a More Serious Route

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Bud Light has released a teaser promising great things for the guy in this year's #UpForWhatever Super Bowl commercial. Last year's mostly unsuspecting man-on-the-street wound up at a bachelorette party with Reggie Watts and beating Arnold Schwarzenegger at ping pong. Here's the new teaser, which will run on TV this weekend and seems to suggest some real-life Pac-Man is coming:

From 15 seconds of chaos to 3 minutes of sincerity: Toyota also released a Super Bowl preview today, setting up its ad's promised focus on great dads:

Not only do Super Bowl ads get ads of their, but even Pepsi's Super Bowl Halftime Show this year got something closer to a movie preview than a typical tune-in promo. Here's Katy Perry at her "Halftime Show testing facility":

Other teasers, trailers and previews already out include this for Skittles, which claims to be tailgating outside University of Phoenix Stadium:

Wix, the website services company, is laying the groundwork too:

And every Doritos Crash the Super Bowl finalist is essentially a pre-released ad (except only two of them will really be ads in the Super Bowl). Here are some of the finalists:

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