This Bud (Spot) Is for You: What's Your Favorite A-B Super Bowl Ad?

Part Seven in Which We Ask Our Readers for Their Picks

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Each year it seems like everyone and his brother turns into an expert on Super Bowl ads, making lists that rank their top picks. But as a publication that speaks to marketing professionals, our audience really is composed of experts and we thought it would be interesting to see what you thought of ads past. So, in a series of polls in the days leading up to the game, we're going to let our readers vote.

We've grouped the spots by category, and we'll match those winners (and a few other classics) to determine the best ad ever. Today's focus: Anheuser-Busch spots.

Yes, there are a lot of them. And maybe it would have been easier for voters to break them up into categories, but sometimes being a citizen of Adland requires you to make tough choices. So you have to pit Clydesdales against funny men, lizards against Spuds McKenzie, comedy against sentimentality -- and choose. Good luck!

Vote for other favorites here: Monkey spots; Coke spots; Pepsi spots; Car spots; Critter commercials; Worst Super Bowl ads.

Note: In some cases we've gone with a descriptive title rather than the spot's actual title to help clarify things in our poll.

1. Super Bowl XXI (1987) Bud Light: Spuds McKenzie

2. Super Bowl XXIX (1995) Budweiser: Frogs (Bud-weis-er)

3. Super Bowl XXX (1996) Bud Light: I Love You Man (Charlton Heston)

4. Super Bowl (1996) Clydesdales: Horseplay

5. Super Bowl XXXII (1998) Budweiser: Louie Lizard vs. Frogs

6. Super Bowl XXXIII (1999) Bud Light: Paper or Plastic

7. Super Bowl XXXIII (1999) Budweiser: Separated at Birth

8. Super Bowl XXXIV (2000) Budweiser: True (Wassup)

9. Super Bowl XXXVI (2002) Clydesdales: 9/11 Tribute

10. Super Bowl XXXVII (2003) Clydesdales: Instant Replay

11. Super Bowl XXXVIII (2004) Budweiser: Yelling Like a Ref

12. Super Bowl XL (2006) Bud Light: Sleigh ride (aka Farting Horse)

13. Super Bowl XL (2006) Clydesdales: Precocious Pony

14. Super Bowl XL (2006) Budweiser: Streaker

15. Super Bowl XL (2006) Budweiser: Stadium (Fans Go Ahhhh)

16. Super Bowl XLI (2007) Bud Light: He Has an Ax

17. Super Bowl XLII (2008) Bud Light: Jackie Moon

18. Super Bowl XLII (2008) Bud Light: Wheel

19. Super Bowl XLII (2008) Clydesdales: Training

20. Super Bowl XLIII (2009) Bud Light: Conan Does Sweden

21. Super Bowl XLI (2007) Bud Light: Classroom

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