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Who's Buying What in Super Bowl XLII

A Rundown of Marketers and Their Spots in the Big Game

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NEW YORK ( -- NEW YORK ( -- On Feb. 3, Fox will air the National Football League's Super Bowl XLII. The Bowl has always been a major TV event. Last year, 93.2 million viewers tuned in to the game, which aired on CBS, and marketers paid as much as $2.6 million for a 30-second spot. This year, Fox has gotten some marketers to pay as much as $2.7 million to $3 million per 30 seconds to appear in the game. Below is a list of marketers who will be running ads this year.
Buy: Six of its seven Super Bowl spots will be devoted to Bud Light, the most ads ever placed behind a single brand in the big game.
Creative: One :60 for Budweiser will feature the traditional Clydesdale mascots, and one other will focus on a responsible drinking message. Most of the Bud Light spots will feature the now-familiar formula of men, women or animals going to great lengths to drink Bud Light.
Agency: Mostly being produced by Omnicom Group's DDB, Chicago. But Cannonball, St. Louis; Goodby Silverstein & Partners, San Francisco; and Latinworks, Austin, Texas, all contributed spots.
Audi of America
Buy: :60 spot in the first quarter
Creative: The spot will reference mafia movie "The Godfather" and will include the go-fast R8 sports car. This is the VW-owned brand's first Super Bowl appearance in 20 years
Agency: Venables Bell & Partners, San Francisco
Bridgestone Firestone North America
Buy: Two new :30 spots, the first during the break between the first and second quarters, the second during the third quarter. Also the sponsor of the half-time show.
Creative: Both spots will demonstrate Bridgestone tires' performance in a humorous way. The first spot, "Scream," shows a woman screaming as her car is about to hit a squirrel, while the second, "Unexpected Obstacles," features an unlikely pair -- Richard Simmons and Alice Cooper -- and a deer.
Agency: Richards Group, Dallas
Buy: Two :30 spots, one late in the first quarter and one early in the third.
Creative: Each spot takes place at a dealership, showcasing consumers closing in on the ease of their new-car purchase thanks to In all cases, their ability to get what they want keeps them from resorting to outrageous "Plan B" back-up plans they initially thought they would need to get what they wanted from the dealer. Tagline will be "Confidence comes standard."
Agency: Omnicom Group's DDB, Chicago
Buy: Two :30 second spots, one in second quarter, one in the third.
Creative: Spots target the disgruntled worker who is stuck in a career funk, and gives that worker a good push to move on with his career. Spider attacks, a raging heart, an unusual rescue, self-intervention, an overbearing boss are the devices used to convey the message that you don't have to stay in a dissatisfactory or unfulfilling work experience. Ending with the imperative "Start Building," each spot pushes the worker to take action by providing nuggets of simple wisdom such as "If you don't like your job, then get a better one" or "Self-Help Yourself" or "Wishing won't get you a better job." This is the marketer's first Super Bowl work from Wieden & Kennedy, which was hired after the agency that did last year's Super Bowl spots, Cramer-Krasselt, was fired for failing to score well in USA Today's consumer poll of favorite Bowl ads.
Agency: Wieden & Kennedy, Portland, Oregon.
Coca-Cola Co.
Buy: At least three spots.
Creative: Includes new creative for brand Coca Cola. In one of two spots for Coca Cola, "It's Mine" is set during the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. When a giant Coca-Cola contour bottle balloon joins the parade, a good-natured tussle ensues among the skyscrapers of New York as several well-known character balloons vie for the floating Coke. In the end, the surprise victor shows that even a perennial underdog can triumph on 'The Coke Side of Life.' Using Washington, D.C. landmarks as a backdrop, "Jinx" features Democratic strategist and commentator James Carville and former Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist. When the two utter the same word simultaneously during a TV showdown, Frist invokes the "jinx" game, compelling Carville to buy him a Coke. With icy bottles of Coca-Cola in hand, the two spend the rest of the day enjoying 'The Coke Side of Life' throughout the Capital as political disagreements are temporarily forgotten. A third spot will promote Vitaminwater. (See below.)
Agency: Independent Wieden & Kennedy.
Glaceau's Vitaminwater
Buy: One :60 spot in the third quarter.
Creative: Shaquille O'Neal, 7' 2" and 325 lbs, plays a jockey, complete in silks and atop a horse owned by Glaceau President Mike Repole.
Agency: Berlin Cameron United, New York.
Buy: One :30 spot in the first quarter.
Creative: To be directed by Samuel Bayer, a noted director of commercials and music videos, spot will play off "Yours is here" campaign. Dell will also unveil its association with the RED campaign, and introduce RED branded PC's and printers.
Agency: Mother of New York.
Buy: Two spots, one :30 in third quarter and one :30 in fourth quarter.
Creative: The Super Bowl spots, both of which feature a baby talking into a webcam about stocks and savings, are part of a new campaign focused on E Trade's overall customer experience. The campaign's new tag line is "1000 New Accounts a Day."
Agency: WPP Group's Grey, New York
Buy: One :45 ad set to appear in the first spot in the fifth ad break in the first quarter
Creative: "Carrier Pigeons" is set in an office environment. It humorously shows what happens when an office clerk tries to handle his company shipping needs with carrier pigeons and chaos ensues. The spot continues the "Relax, it's FedEx" campaign. The main message throughout this campaign is that the portfolio of FedEx services -- including express, ground, freight and FedEx Kinko's -- will help small businesses meet their needs.
Agency: Omnicom's BBDO
Buy: One :60 to run between first and second quarters.
Creative: Much like last year, Doritos is running a contest asking consumers to create its Super Bowl ad. This year, Doritos invited unsigned music acts to submit an original song. Consumers voted for the song they thought was the best and Doritos will air a professionally produced music video of the winning song during the Super Bowl.
Agency: Omnicom Group's Goodby Silverstein & Partners, San Francisco.
Buy: At least two spots.
Creative: Gatorade will run advertising featuring the New York Yankees' Derek Jeter to support the launch of G2, its new low-calorie drink positioned to keep athletes hydrated off the field. The commercial provides a glimpse of Jeter off the field in Manhattan and features a visual transformation of the urban environment into a sports landscape, with grass and a baseball infield coming to life with every step Jeter takes, communicating that athletes often think about the game even when they're off the field of play.
Agency: Omnicom Group's Element 79, Chicago.
Garmin GPS
Buy: One :30, second quarter.
Creative: A car seems to drive itself through the streets of Paris, through a tollbooth and out into the country to a field filled with 19th century soldiers on horseback. A dimunitive driver, dressed as Napoleon Bonaparte emerges from the car, and smiles gratefully at his handheld Garmin GPS. He then turns to the troops, sticking the device in his jacket in a classic napoleonic salute.
Agency: In-house.
Buy: One :60 ad during the second quarter.
Creative: Originally planned to feature Chevrolet, but GM decided to feature a hybrid vehicle from either Chevrolet, Saturn or GMC. The GMC Yukon SUV won the slot, which opens with animation from Hungarian Marcell Jankovics, who was nominated for an Academy Award for animation in 1976. GM plans to advertise Chevrolet in the pre-game show, and Cadillac in the post-game.
Agency: Publicis Groupe's Leo Burnett Chicago.
Buy: One :30 during first quarter.
Creative:, known for its racy Super Bowl spots, submitted no less than 11 concepts to Fox for approval, but the commercial CEO Bob Parsons loved best was rejected. The spot, which features race-car driver Danica Patrick and an animatronic beaver, will be shown on Super Bowl Sunday. The aired commercial will feature a group of people watching the game and talking about the Danica Patrick ad that is online, which Parsons said is the "the funniest best ad we've ever done."
Agency: In-house.
Buy: One :30 spot.
Creative: New spokeswoman Carmen Electra touts Ice Breakers Ice Cubes gum.
Agency: Omnicom's Tracy Locke.
Buy: Has purchased two :30 spots in the third quarter. Automaker considered dropping its buy, but later committed to staying in the game.
Creative: Will promote new luxury car, Genesis, which is directly compared in one spot to be as spacious as a BMW's 7 Series, but priced like a 3 Series and in the other as spacious as Mercedes' S Class, but priced like a C Class. Hyundai's logo and its Think About It tagline appear on a title card as a kicker at the end after the narrator asks right about now you're probably expecting some crazy big twist or something. The voiceover in will tell viewers: "We're not sure what USA Today's Ad Meter will say about this ad. But we're pretty sure Mercedes, BMW and Lexus aren't going to like it."
Kraft Foods
Buy: One :30 for Planters nuts in second half of the game
Creative: This will be Planters' first appearance in the Super Bowl and Kraft's first ad in the game in about 10 years
Agency: Interpublic's Draft FCB
Buy: One :60 spot.
Creative: Fans will vote on 48 different video stories from big-name football players, each of whom reveals a personal and often humorous story about their football experiences
Agency: In-house, with BBDO, New York
New Line
Buy: At least one spot.
Creative: To promote Will Ferrell's "Semi Pro". May have a tie in with Anheuser Busch.
Agency: In-house.
Paramount Pictures
Buy: One :30 spot
Creative: Will promote "Iron Man", a co-production with Marvel Enterprises/Entertainment starring Robert Downey, Jr. The movie, coincidentally, has a tie-in with another Bowl advertiser, Audi's R8.
Agency: In-house.
Pepsi-Cola North America
Buy: Two minutes worth of ad time.
Creative: Pepsi will promote its give-away promotion "Pepsi Stuff" with the ad "Magnietic Attraction" featuring Justin Timberlake. Directed by Craig Gillespie, whose credits include "Lars and the Real Girl," the stunt-filled spot shows how every sip of Pepsi gets you closer to the stuff you want, such as musice on Amazon MP3, electronics, apparel, DVDs and CDs. "Nod", the spot for Diet Pepsi Max, is a reference to the "Saturday Night Live" skit Night at the Roxbury and features Missy Elliott, LL Cool J, Busta Rhymes and Macy Gray nodding off until they are perked up by Diet Pepsi Max. The ad for Sobe Life Water, dubbed "Lee the Lizard," features Naomi Campbell and was directed by Peter Arnell. It is the start of year-long activities that aim to focus attention on the water's original brand identity, the lizard. Two spots for AMP Energy drink focus on how the beverage can give you control and focus. One pre-game spot features Nascar's Dale Earnhardt Jr. in a camel race, and an second spot shows a tow-truck driver getting the extra push he needs to get a stranded motorist's engine running again.
Agency: Omnicom's BBDO, New York
Buy: One :30 in second quarter.
Creative: Will support Tide-to-Go, an instant-stain remover. A P&G spokesman said the instant-stain category is valued at around $125 million and Tide controls about 60% of it.
Agency: Publicis Groupe's Saatchi & Saatchi
Buy: Three spots in pre-game show, first and third quarter.
Creative: Animated call to action for the mailing-list company.
Agency: In-house. Vin Gupta, founder-chairman of, conceptualized and wrote copy for the ads himself. Geoff Callan and Daniel Grace from Creative Mint, a San Francisco-based ad agency, handled the animation production for the spots.
Sony Pictures
Buy: One spot.
Creative: Will promote "You Don't Mess With the Zohan," an Adam Sandler movie.
Agency: In-house.
Taco Bell
Buy: One :30, fourth quarter.
Creative: To promote new value meal, Fiesta Platters. The ad features two guys rushing through an office to a lunch meeting carrying their Fiesta Platters when suddenly they're stopped by a Mariachi. The Mariachi says their meeting can wait and encourages them to sit down and enjoy their meal. Two other Mariachis bring out a table and chairs in the middle of the office for the workers to sit down and begin to play music. A female office worker walks by and asks what's going on. The Mariachi looks up, and says "hola." The girl later lets down her hair and responds with "hola!"
Agency: Interpublic's Draft FCB, Irvine.
Buy: One :60, second quarter.
Creative: T-Mobile myFaves service. Last year it bought :30; this year it upped it to :60.
Agency: Publicis in the West, Seattle.
Buy: One spot in-game, plus two in pre and post game shows.
Creative: Spot features scenes from hit HD DVD title releases including Bourne Ultimatum, Transformers and Shrek 3, as well as their LCD TV products.
Agency: Della Femina, Rothschild, Jeary Partners, New York.
Toyota Motor Sales USA
Buy: Two spots for Toyota brand. Placement TBD.
Creative: One is a launch spot for the redesigned Toyota Sequoia sport utility; the other will feature the updated Corolla.
Agency: Publicis Groupe's Saatchi & Saatchi Los Angeles
Buy: One :30 for Sunsilk during two-minute warning in fourth quarter.
Creative: Features singing -- and hair -- of Marilyn Monroe, Shakira and Madonna in ad that kicks off new global campaign for the brand. It also represents Unilever's attempt to upend the agency model, by handing the creation of its Super Bowl ad to a design shop outside of its agency networks.
Agency: Desgrippes Gobe, Paris.
Universal Pictures
Buy: At least one spot.
Creative: Insiders speculate that the studio will promote the trailer for the visually stunning "Wanted," by Russian film-maker Timur Bekmembatov, which stars the equally visually stunning Angelina Jolie, but Universal would not confirm
Agency: In-house.
Under Armour
Buy: One :60.
Creative: Spot will promote launch of new cross-trainer line, its first non-cleated footwear. As with all UA creative to date, the ad was produced internally.
Agency: In-house.
Victoria's Secret
Buy: One :30 spot in the second half of the game.
Creative: Victoria's Secret Angel Adriana Lima and a football.
Agency: In-house.
Warner Brothers
Buy: At least one spot.
Creative: Studio would not say which films would be promoted, but likely candidates include "10,000 B.C.", set for a March release, or "Speed Racer" expected to open in May.
Agency: In-house.
Buy: At least one spot.
Creative: Considering using its Super Bowl time to promote the new Pixar film "Wall-E," or "Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian", according to those familiar with the situation
Agency: In-house.
White House Office of National Drug Control Policy
Creative: A new effort to warn parents about the danger of teen misusing parent's prescription drugs.
Agency: The spot was done by Draft FCB for the Partnership for A Drug Free America, which produces all the White House's office's creative. Draft FCB is also the agency for the White House Drug Office.
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