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Chelsea Handler and Sarah Silverman Trade Hijinks In T-Mobile's Second Super Bowl Ad

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For its second spot in the Super Bowl today, T-Mobile is staying with schtick and female star power.

In the ad, called "One Upped," Chelsea Handler and Sarah Silverman exchange escalating boasts using the carrier's Wi-Fi feature. T-Mobile premiered the ad on NBC's "Today" show on Sunday. It will run in the third quarter, following T-Mobile's jocular spot with Kim Kardashian West for its "data stash" program.

Publicis Seattle created both spots.

The actresses helped write the script for the second spot, said Peter DeLuca, T-Mobile's senior VP-marketing. "We went with them because they're highly topical comediennes," he said. "We're choosing to play with more of an elevated humor."

Ms. Silverman delivers one line -- "you sound great in my hydroponic kale garden" -- with a wink.

T-Mobile introduced Wi-Fi calling in September, part of the seventh wave of its "Uncarrier" initiatives. Apple lauded the carrier's feature when launching the new iPhones. Verizon soon said it would introduce Wi-Fi calling too. T-Mobile's second Super Bowl spot will run in the same quarter as Sprint's commercial, which is attacking Verizon and AT&T.

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