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Danica Patrick Is a Bodybuilder on the Run in GoDaddy's Super Bowl Spot

Ad, Created by Deutsch, Takes Company One More Step From T&A Approach

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Last year, GoDaddy dipped a tremulous toe into the waters of grown-up advertising, with one of its two Super Bowl spots spurning the over-the-top sexed-up approach in favor of actually demonstrating why you should host your website with that company. (The other spot, not so much.)

This year, Deutsch New York, sets out to prove that GoDaddy has transformed, and has released one of the brand's two Big Game spots early. This one features a herd of bodybuilders barrelling toward an unknown destination. If you look closely, you'll also see longtime spokesperson Danica Patrick sporting a decidedly different look. The gang ends up at a spray-tanning salon, owned by a woman who used GoDaddy to "get found."

Ms. Patrick was transformed using a "muscle suit," built in partnership with Legacy Effects. Bryan Buckley directed.

The brand says it will not pre-release the second commercial before the Super Bowl, on Feb. 2.

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