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Good Tactic in Battle for Super Bowl Pre-Game: Put a Talk Show Host in Your Ad

Marketers Spend Millions to Promote Their Super Bowl Promotions

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In the sweepstakes (and arms race) for extra exposure before and after the Super Bowl, hiring a talk show host for your ad can't hurt.

Ellen DeGeneres gave her Super Bowl commercial for Beats Music a head start Thursday morning, when she played it in full for her audience. (Then she gave them all free phones.)

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Super Bowl advertisers used to keep their commercials secret until airtime, but the web has changed all that, especially since Volkswagen and Deutsch released "The Force" online early in 2011. The ad wound up getting 10 million views before the Super Bowl even began.

With three days to go until the game, the 2014 Super Bowl ad chart already had 17 full commercials embedded Thursday morning, before adding the Beats spot.

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