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What Do You Think: Was GoDaddy Ad a Stunt From the Start?

The Outrage Is Real -- but Was That All Part of the Plan?

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In the wake of outcries over its Super Bowl ad featuring a lost puppy -- that ends up being sold on the internet -- GoDaddy has yanked the ad. But the company was once known for its Super Bowl tradition of creating spots "too hot for TV" then raising its own PR-driven outcry after a network rejected the offending ad. It also once used ads to tease much "hotter" action on its web sites.

GoDaddy played things a little more straight last year, but students of the company (and those of the "Any PR is Good PR" school) smell a stunt. Checking out the website featured in the ad only bolsters that argument. (Gabby's Goldens will let you order multiple Buddy's for $499 a pop and ship them to you.)

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