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GoDaddy's Lone Super Bowl Commercial Will Feature Danica Patrick, a Puppy and a Twist

Web-Hosting Company Returns to Super Bowl For 11th Straight Year

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GoDaddy is returning to the Super Bowl for its 11th consecutive year, this time using a tried-and-true big-game convention -- a cute puppy.

The web-hosting company typically airs two commercials during the Super Bowl, but this time around only purchased one. Ms. Rechterman said the decision reflected a need to make room in the budget for international marketing as the company grows overseas.

The 30-second spot GoDaddy did buy, titled "Journey Home," will feature Nascar star Danica Patrick and a puppy to telling the story of the journey of a business owner. But there will be a plot twist, said GoDaddy CMO Barb Rechterman.

"People love cute little puppies in Super Bowl commercials, right?" Ms. Rechterman said in the statement. "The power of our next Super Bowl ad is how it pivots from what you think is a traditional 'Hallmark' style commercial into something unexpected, while highlighting how our products help a small business owner drive their business online."

Mr. Rechterman declined to reveal the twist.

GoDaddy worked with New York-based Barton F. Graf 9000 on the ad.

The company revamped its creative strategy for the most recent Super Bowl, steering clear of the sexual provocation that previously dominated its prior Super Bowl commercials -- as in this one from 2013:

In the 2014 game, GoDaddy aired two spots featuring women who own small businesses. In one ad, a real woman quit her job to start her own small business online. The woman's boss did not find out that she was quitting until the spot aired.

The second spot showed bodybuilders racing through a city before arriving at a spray tanning salon, whose female owner had used GoDaddy's "Get Found" product to attract new customers. Ms. Patrick was featured as one of the bodybuilders.

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