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Guess Which Brand Is Already Teasing a 2016 Super Bowl Ad

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It's never too early to start teasing 2016 Super Bowl ads. Actually, it is absurdly early, which makes it the perfect time for Newcastle Brown Ale to do just that.

The brew, which has mocked conventional Super Bowl ads for the past two years, on Wednesday released the first video of what it promised to be a "year-long tease." Because as Newcastle says, the game is coming "in just 52 short weeks."

This year's Super Bowl campaign by Droga5 was highlighted by a "crowdfunded" Super Bowl ad that crammed 37 brands into a single TV ad that aired only in Palm Springs, Calif. Despite the lack of a national ad, Newcastle's pre-game teasers ranked tenth for earned views at 5,477,756, according to data from That put the brew ahead of some brands that aired national Super Bowl spots, such as McDonald's and Toyota.

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