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Hulu's Back in the Super Bowl With Ad Starring Will Arnett

Video Site Owned By ABC, NBC and Fox Takes Two Spots: One Pregame and One During the Game

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Hulu returns to the Super Bowl on Feb. 5 with one pregame commercial and one during the game. Here's the teaser ad:

The new ad hits some of the same notes the last campaign did, when Alec Baldwin first introduced Hulu's plot to destory the world by melting human brains. Now the premise is that the whole TV industry "is populated by aliens in disguise using TV to turn human brains into 'mushymush,'" with Hulu Plus as its secret weapon.

Of course the campaign has an accompanying Twitter hashtag: #mushymush.

Hulu is entitled to promotion through its deals with its joint-venture partners, which include ABC, Fox and NBC, which is airing the Super Bowl this year. Like the 2009 campaign, which also had spots with Seth McFarlane, Eliza Dushku and Denis Leary, Hulu's latest one was created with agency CP&B.

Many dot-coms have turned to the Super Bowl for a blast of name recognition. But their ads often misfire badly.

Last year, for example, Groupon had to quickly disown a Super Bowl commercial that many people thought made fun of Free Tibet activists. But Hulu's debut in the Big Game was praised by consumers and critics.

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