Super Bowl

An inside look at Mercedes-Benz's Super Bowl ad starring Ludacris

Wile E. Coyote, Free Willy make cameos

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Video Producer: Max Sternlicht

Mercedes-Benz's Super Bowl ad blends Wile E. Coyote, Free Willy, Ludacris and a man who can will things into existence.

The spot, by Merkley & Partners, plugs the luxury brand's in-vehicle voice assistant, known as MBUX, while featuring the Mercedes A-Class, an all-new model that targets younger buyers. MBUX is capable of responding to complex questions, while taking actions like switching on the reading lamp if the driver simply extends a hand toward the rear-view mirror.

In the Ad Age "Anatomy of an Ad" video above, learn how the brand and agency used CGI to dramatize MBUX's functionality by depicting a man who can command his world, just like drivers can command their car with the new tech.

"Some car commercials in the past you have a new model year or maybe a new headlight design, something like that where you need to make something out of it," says Chris Landi, EVP Group Creative Director for Merkley & Partners. "This was one of those times where we had a real good piece of news."

Below watch the finished 60-second ad, called "Say the Word."

Below, see sketches used in the ad's development.

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