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Newcastle 'Crashes' the Super Bowl in Latest Spoof Spot

Beer Brand Takes Aim At Doritos' User-Generated Ads for 'Giant Sports Showdown'

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Newcastle's Super Bowl ambush has a new target: Doritos.

The beer, whose 2014 spoof Super Bowl effort won universal acclaim, is back at it this year in a new video that mocks the chip brand's "Crash the Super Bowl" user-generated ad contest.

In the video (above) Newcastle uses the contest to disguise an ad for the beer as an ad for the chip brand.

"We had such a good time almost making that Huge Sports Match ad last year, we decided we'd stop at nothing to finally make our way into the Really Large American Football Contest in 2015. Even if we still can't afford it," Newcastle said in a statement. "Lucky for Newcastle, there's a certain snack chip brand that does this thing where they crash, so to speak, the advertising party around the Big Game and give underdogs like us a chance to join the fun. We do love snack chips, after all, and we're taking a shot at getting our ad aired during the Giant Sports Showdown for free!"

But as this "behind-the-scenes" video points out, the contest prohibits such an entry.

But have no fear: The spoof campaign, which is by Droga5, will continue. "This is just one of many pieces from Newcastle this Big Game season," Newcastle stated.

Asked for a response, a spokeswoman for PepsiCo's Frito-Lay, which owns Doritos, said: "If Doritos is the 'bold, crunchy nacho cheese tortilla chip snack' they are referring to, then of course we're flattered."

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