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Persil ProClean Buys Back Into the Super Bowl as Cleaning Brands Battle on New Turf

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Home cleaning products haven't typically found a place between all the beer ads and car commercials that tend to dominate the Super Bowl. But the category has found a home in the big game in recent years as odor eliminators and laundry detergents look to reach the increasing number of women who have been tuning in to the grudge match.

Laundry detergent Persil ProClean is returning to the Super Bowl in 2018 with a "playful" ad starring Peter Hermann, who will reprise his role as the "Professional."

This is the third consecutive spot for the brand. Its ad in last year's Super Bowl, "10 Dimensions," was directed by Elizabeth Banks. Persil ProClean made its Super Bowl debut in 2016 with a 15-second spot bragging about how a little-known brand topped every big rival in tests. Both spots starred Hermann.

Persil ProClean joins Febreze, which will be returning for its second consecutive spot with a 30-second spot starring "Dave," a man whose "bleep don't stink." Owner Procter & Gamble released the Febreze Super Bowl ad on Thursday.

Tide ("Bradshaw Stain") and Mr. Clean ("Cleaner of Your Dreams") also bought ad time in last year's game. It is unclear if either is running a commercial in Super Bowl LII.

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