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Should Your Name Be in the Super Bowl Ad Archive?

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The Ad Age Super Bowl Ad Archive includes over 1,000 big-game commercials, from "Hilltop," "1984" and the "Frogs" series to "Hare Jordan," "The Force" and "Like a Girl." But it's not here for the entertainment value, as great as many of the ads are. It's an industry resource and journalistic record, driven by credits, insights and crazy back stories.

And we're still building. In some cases, we need your help. We don't have any credits yet on the 1986 Super Bowl ad above, for example, part of the $100 million rollout of McDonald's McDLT ("Romeo and Juliet").

Search the Archive for your work using the search box or the year menu, or by shortcutting to your year with a URL like, or

If your name isn't on a big-game commercial you helped create, email [email protected] And if you know first-hand the real deal behind the decision to make an ad, what it was like on the set or how the reception felt, reach out. We want you to be part of the record.

Many thanks to all the creators who have already shared their recollections with us, including Allan Kay ("Monks"), Ben Fernandez ("Bud Bowl"), George Lois ("Dominique Wilkins on the Pump"), the U.S. Marines team at J. Walter Thompson ("Sword"), Hal Friedman ("Find Herb"), Pete Favat ("Three-Point Land") and Charlie Moss ("Get Started").

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