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Who's Buying What in the Super Bowl 2010

The Marketers, the Creative, the Agencies

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Buy: A-B is the game's biggest advertiser, having purchased five minutes' worth of inventory.
Creative: The company's iconic Budweiser Clydesdales are likely skipping the game for the first time since 2001 and only the third time in 15 years. Most of A-B's buy will be dedicated to introducing a new tagline for Bud Light --"Here we go"-- which emphasizes the brand's good-times heritage. One memorable effort spoofs the ABC series "Lost." Flagship product Budweiser gets two spots, including a :60 that shows a community coming together to help a stranded beer truck. Newly launched Budweiser Select 55 gets a :15 spot, and Cyclist Lance Armstrong stars in a commercial for Michelob Ultra.
Agency: Indenependent Cannonball, St. Louis; Omnicom Group's DDB, Chicago; Havas's Palm + Havas, Chicago; Interpublic Group's Momentum, St. Louis.
Audi of America
Buy: One 60-second spot to air in the fourth quarter of the game.
Creative: The company will promote its Audi A3 TDI, which it touts as the "Green Car of the Year." Rock group Cheap Trick will "reinterpret" one of their popular songs for the ad.
Agency: Venables, Bell & Partners, San Francisco
Boost Mobile
Buy: One 30-second spot.
Creative: The ad will reprise the popular "Super Bowl Shuffle" once performed by the 1985 Chicago Bears. On hand in the ad will be "original" shufflers Mike Singletary, Jim McMahon, Willie Gault, Otis Wilson, Richard Dent, Steve Fuller and Maury Buford. Legendary coach Mike Ditka makes a special cameo appearance in the spot.
Agency: 180 Los Angeles
Buy: Will sponsor the game's halftime show once again (this year's festivities include an appearance by The Who). As part of its sponsorship, Bridgestone gets two 30-second spots. One 30-second spot will appear in first quarter and the other will appear in the second break of the third quarter.
Creative: Showcasing the performance of Bridgestone Tires with humor and the element of surprise.
Agency: Richards Group, Dallas.
Buy: One 60-second ad in the first half of the game. This will mark's third consecutive appearance as a Super Bowl advertiser.
Creative: The company said its ad will discuss how gives shoppers the confidence they need as they prepare to head to the dealership to buy a car.
Agency: Omnicom Group's DDB, Chicago
Buy: One spot in the second quarter.
Creative: Careerbuilder is encouraging Super Bowl ad fans to vote on consumer-created commercials as part of a "Hire My TV Ad" contest. The effort has narrowed down to two finalists, but only one will get their spot on during the big game.
Agency: N/A
Chrysler's Dodge
Buy: One 60-second ad. Dodge is the only U.S. automaker to date to announce plans to advertise in the Super Bowl.
Creative: A company official said the ad will send "a message of irreverence."
Agency: Independent Wieden & Kennedy
Buy: Two 60-second ads, one to appear in the first quarter and one to appear in the third quarter.
Creative: One ad will feature the Mr. Burns character from Fox's "The Simpsons" learning a valuable lesson about enjoying life's simpler pleasures, while the other will focus on a man sleepwalking across the African plain being subconsciously guided by his thirst.
Agency: Independent Wieden & Kennedy
Buy: Two 30-second ads and one 15-second spot. The first will appear in the third quarter, the second during the fourth quarter and a third will appear just before the game's two-minute warning
Creative: Denny's will make a giveaway offer considering similar to last year's Grand Slam breakfast freebie, which brought more than 2 million consumers to its restaurants on Feb. 3. This time, Denny's will offer a free Original Grand Slam in its restaurants on Tuesday, Feb. 9, between 6 a.m. and 2 p.m. Denny's will supplement the 2010 event with significant social and digital media.
Agency: Omnicom Group's Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, San Francisco.
Diamond Foods' Pop-Secret and Emerald Nuts
Buy: One 30-second spot in the fourth quarter for the popcorn, which makes its first appearance in a Super Bowl.
Creative: Diamond Foods will run an ad set in an aquatic theme park and tout both Pop-Secret popcorn as well as Emerald Nuts with the phrase "awesome + awesome = awesomer".
Agency: Omnicom Group's Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, San Francisco.
Buy: One 30-second ad in the second quarter.
Creative: The company will try to refocus attention on its popular khaki pants with a commercial depicting a group of men singing the tune, "I Wear No Pants," then being urges to wear the pants once again (literally and figuratively). Viewers can "tag" the ad using the Shazam music-identification application on iPhone and enter a contest to win a pair of khakis and even buy the "Pants" song from the commercial.
Agency: Interpublic Group of Cos.' DraftFCB
Doritos (part of PepsiCo's Frito-Lay)
Buy: Three 30-second spots, in quarters to be determined. Frito has picked up last-minute spots for each of the last two years, in 2008 for Cheetos, and adding a second Doritos spot days before the 2009 game. The company said there are no plans to add Super Bowl media in 2010.
Creative: Once again, the company is sponsoring a "Crash the Super Bowl" contest, offering cash prizes to amateur ad makers who can create spots that garner top reaction from USA Today's annual Super Bowl ad poll.
Agency: Omnicom Group's Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, San Francisco.
Buy: For its first-ever Super Bowl buy (the drink has appeared in the game once before, but not as part of a paid ad purchase), Dr Pepper has purchased a 30-second spot to run during the second quarter. The spot will promote the brand's Dr Pepper Cherry line extension, which launched in March 2009.
Creative: Gene Simmons will make a second appearance in the brand's "Trust Me, I'm a Dr" series as "Dr. Love." For the spot, he will be joined by Paul Stanley and the rest of his Kiss bandmates. According to the company, the group will describe the drink's "uniquely smooth taste, achieved with a 'kiss' of cherry flavor."
Agency: Interpublic Group of Cos.' Deutsch, Los Angeles
Buy: One 30-second spot
Creative: In the past, the online trading and investment firm has featured ads that use a talking baby who typically says something or does something a little off color.
Agency: WPP's Grey, New York
Electronic Arts
Buy: At least one spot.
Creative: The company has not yet revealed its Super Bowl plans.
Agency: Wieden & Kennedy, Portland, Ore.
Focus on the Family
Buy: One 30-second spot; the organization will not divulge at present when in the game the spot is expected to air.
Creative: The Christian family-support organization will use college-football star Tim Tebow, and his mother, Pam, to deliver a message that highlights how the group supports families
Agency: In-house, in conjunction with production firm Vidano Films
Buy: Two 30-second ads, one in the first quarter and one in the fourth quarter
Creative: Ads will feature "GoDaddy Girl" Danica Patrick
Agency: GoDaddy Productions (in-house)
Buy: This Austin, Texas, based online vacation-rentals listings services is a Super Bowl newcomer and will run one 30-second ad.
Creative: Ad will feature Chevy Chase and Beverly D'Angelo reprising their roles as Mr. and Mrs. Clark Griswold from the popular "National Lampoon's Vacation" movies.
Agency: Publicis Groupe's Publicis in the West
Buy: One 30-second spot in the second half of the game.
Creative: Ad's focus will be on the launch of an entirely new model, the Accord Crosstour, a wagon-sedan crossover. And an animated squirrel. And Kool & the Gang's "Funky Stuff."
Agency: Independent RPA of Santa Monica, Calif.
Buy: A pair of 30-second spots in game; one will run one in the second quarter and one in the third quarter. Plus two 5-second billboards
Creative: As name sponsor of "The Hyundai Pre-Kick Show," there will be programming 20 minutes before the kickoff by announcers at the stadium; the automaker will have three 30-second ads.
Agency: Innocean Worldwide Americas, Irvine, Calif.
Buy: One 30-second ad in the fourth quarter.
Creative: Intel will use its ad time to kick off a campaign for its 2010 Intel Core Processor, and is billing the move as its biggest product launch in five years. As in past campaigns, the ads will feature actual Intel employees.
Agency: Venables, Bell & Partners.
Buy: One 30-second spot in third quarter.
Creative: Ad will debut the new 2011-model Sorento crossover, the first Kia built at the company's new plant in Georgia.
Agency: David & Goliath, Los Angeles
Buy: One 30-second spot, set to air during the third quarter.
Creative: While the actual content will be divulged later, kgb's ad will focus on its '542542' text-answer service as a way to get information by querying "special agents" rather than having to sift through voluminous search results.
Mars' Snickers
Buy: One 30-second ad will appear as the first commercial in the first ad break of the game. Snickers is returning to the game for the first time since the candy bar appeared in a controversial ad depicting two men kissing in 2007. div>
Creative: Actors Betty White and Abe Vigoda will appear in a spot that reminds viewers that Snickers helps allay food cravings.
Agency: Omnicom Group's BBDO, New York.
Buy: One spot in the game.
Creative: Monster has already promoted its efforts to help find a "NFL Director of Fandemonium" via a contest that sends the winner to the Super Bowl.
Agency: Omnicom Group's BBDO, New York.
Buy: Motorola has purchased at least one ad, according to people familiar with the situation, though a company spokeswoman declines to comment.
Creative: The company has not yet revealed its Super Bowl plans, but it is the maker of the handset for the new Droid smartphone being sold by Verizon Wireless.
Agency: Anamoly
NBC Universal's Universal Orlando
Buy: One 30-second ad to air in first half of the game.
Creative: The theme-park will call attention to its new Wizarding World of Harry Potter attraction, set to open in Spring of 2010. The ad will feature the Harry Potter character along with two children and show scenes from the new themed Potter site.
Agency: Rosso Media, Ltd., of the United Kingdom
Buy: Three spots, one 30, one 60 and one 10.
Creative: The 60-second ad features footage of Reggie Bush, the 30-second ad promotes the NFL Network and, and the 10-second ad promotes the coming televised broadcast of the NFL's Draft.
Agency: Grey
Qualcomm's FloTV
Buy: One 30-second spot set to air in the first quarter, and one 30-second spot whose position is not determined yet.
Creative: In one ad, sports commentator Jim Nantz will throw a spotlight on how FloTV's "personal television" can help a guy stay connected to a favorite sports match even while he's shopping. The other spot will feature a remixed version of The Who's "My Generation" as done by
Agency: Magner Sanborn and Agency 3.0
Buy: Skechers is making its first appearance in the Super Bowl with two 15 second spots. The first is slated to run in the first quarter and the second sometime during the second half, at approximately the two minute warning. div>
Creative: The company will highlight Shape-ups, a toning footwear line that has been hugely popular with consumers. The spots feature testimonials from consumers and football legend Joe Montana.
Agency: Skechers declined to name its agency. div>
Buy: After making its debut in 2009's Super Bowl, Teleflora has plans for a new ad in 2010, according to a spokeswoman.
Creative: Last year the flower delivery company's ad featured snarky talking flowers to show how flowers in a box differ from those already assembled in a bouquet.
Agency: Last year's spot was produced by in house agency Fire Station.
Buy: One 30 second spot in the 2nd quarter
Creative: The Time Warner cable network will put the spotlight on "Full Contact," a show that takes viewers behind the scenes of the NFL. The appearance marks the first time the network, which was previously known as Court TV, will be in the bowl. And it also breaks with tradition: Most broadcast networks don't like to air ads from cable competitors, and usually insist on ads not mentioning time and date of a show's run.
Agency: Grey
U.S. Census Bureau
Buy: One 30-second spot in third quarter
Creative: The ad will be part of a new campaign slated to break in January.
Agency: Interpublic Group of Cos.' DraftFCB
Unilever's Dove Men Care
Buy: At least one spot.
Creative: The marketer has not yet revealed its Super Bowl plans. But Dove described the new line as being aimed at "men who are comfortable in their own skin" but want to tap the proven moisturizing power of Dove products rather than continue to use cleansing products that can dry and irritate skin.
Agency: WPP Group's Ogilvy & Mather
Universal Pictures
Buy: At least one spot, although the studio declined to comment on its Super Bowl activity.
Creative: Upcoming films the studio is slated to release next year include "The Wolfman" in February; a "Robin Hood" remake in May; and "Despicable Me" in July.
Agency: In-house.
Viacom's Paramount Pictures
Buy: Three ads in the first and second quarters
Creative: Paramount will promote February's "Shutter Island," May's "Iron Man 2" and July's "The Last Airbender," a film from M. Night Shayamalan.
Agency: n/a
Buy: One ad to appear during the game.
Creative: The television maker is returning to the event after making a stealthy debut in the 2009 Super Bowl. div>
Agency: Venables, Bell & Partners, San Francisco
Volkswagen of America
Buy: One 30-second spot set to air in the third quarter of the game
Creative: The ad will introduce what Volkswagen says is "a new approach" to its current "Das Auto" tagline. This appearance marks the first time in nine years that Volkwagen has advertised in the Super Bowl. Comic actor Tracy Morgan ("30 Rock") will make an appearance.
Agency: Interpublic Group's Deutsch LA.
Walt Disney Pictures
Buy: At least one spot, although the studio declined to comment on its Super Bowl activity.
Creative: The studio is slated to release Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland" in March; "Prince of Persia: Sands of Time" in May; and Pixar's "Toy Story 3" in June.
Agency: In-house.
Yum Brands' Taco Bell
Buy: At least one 30-second spot.
Creative: Charles Barkley will call attention to the chain's new NBA Five Buck Box.
Agency: Interpublic Group's DraftFCB
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