Critter Commercials: What's Your Favorite Super Bowl Ad Featuring Animals (Excluding Primates)?

Part Five in Which We Ask Our Readers for Their Picks

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Each year it seems like everyone and his brother turns into an expert on Super Bowl ads, making lists that rank their top picks. But as a publication that speaks to marketing professionals, our audience really is composed of experts and we thought it would be interesting to see what you thought of ads past. So, in a series of polls in the days leading up to the game, we're going to let our readers vote.

We've grouped the spots by category, and we'll match those winners (and a few other classics) to determine the best ad ever. Today's focus: Spots featuring animals that aren't primates.

Note: We haven't included Anheuser-Busch spots as those will be grouped in a category solely for A-B.

Vote for other favorites here: Monkey spots; Coke spots; Pepsi spots; Car spots.

Another Note: In some cases we've gone with a descriptive title rather than the spot's actual title to help clarify things in our poll.

1. Super Bowl XLII (2008) Bridgestone: The Scream

2. Super Bowl XLI (2007) Taco Bell: Lions

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3. Super Bowl XXXIV (2000) EDS: Herding Cats

4. Super Bowl XXXV (2001) EDS: Running of the Squirrels

5. Super Bowl XLIII (2009) Pedigree: Crazy Pets

6. Super Bowl XLIV (2010) Monster.com: Fiddling Beaver

7. Super Bowl XLI (2007) Blockbuster: Rabbit, Guinea Pig and Mouse

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8. Super Bowl XLII (2008) Toyota: Sleeping Badgers

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9. Super Bowl XLII (2008) FedEx: Carrier Pigeons

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