Super Bowl

Every Celebrity Ever* in a Super Bowl Ad in 30 Seconds

*O.K., Not Nearly Everyone, but as Many as We Could Fit in This Video

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Hollywood A Listers, B Listers, professional athletes, politicians, reality TV stars -- and some people who are many of those things -- have long been the coin of the realm for Super Bowl advertisers.

From Farrah Fawcett and Joe Namath's then-very naughty pitch for Noxzema to Charlton Heston growling "I love you, man" for Bud Light in the 1990s, famed faces haven't been off-screen for long during Super Bowl commercial breaks.

Here we gather a group of many of the Super Bowl's stars over the last 50 years, including some who later became notorious for misdeeds, in a mashup tribute.

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Video produced by David Hall

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