Super Bowl

How Super Bowl Creatives Will Be Watching Big Game

Tim Bayne, David Angelo, Ned Crowley and More Tell Us How They'll Spend Feb. 3

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Exec creative director, BBDO New York

What will you stuff your face with during the Super Bowl?
Whatever the Super Dome is overcharging us more on. I may partake in a few New Orleans dishes while I'm down there.
Which do you prefer: monkeys, hamsters, hot chicks or an (almost) naked Beckham?
Is this an advertising question or a personal question?
What's the best work of Super Bowls past that you didn't do?
Loved the 2005 FedEx spot with Burt Reynolds.

Chairman-chief creative officer, David & Goliath

How do you watch the game?
Last year we spent the Super Bowl in Vegas hanging out with the band we used in our [Kia] spot, Mötley Crüe. Let's just say it was as surreal as Vegas gets. This year we're going back to Sin City. Who we spend it with is still up for discussion.
What are you going to be stuffing your face with?
When it comes to the Super Bowl, all bets are off for me and my vegan diet. Beef-laden nachos, double sliders, wings and a good bottle of scotch is my menu. What the heck, we're in Vegas!

Executive creative director, David & Goliath

What game-day idea needs to go away?
Definitely not the Puppy Bowl. It's flat-out adorable, and a riveting alternative to the halftime show.

Exec VP-group creative director, Deutsch, Los Angeles

Which do you prefer: monkeys, hamsters, hot chicks or (almost) naked Beckham?
Hamsters. But I observe the golden rule, which is to never mix hamsters and monkeys.
What game-day idea needs to go away?
User-gen commercials. It was great knowing you. Please go away now.

Creative director, Venables Bell & Partners

What are you going to be stuffing your face with?
Nachos, as long as it's farm-to-table.
What's your favorite half-time performance?
Metal has been underrepresented at the Super Bowl. America is ready for a Slayer halftime show and if they're not, too bad.
What game day idea needs to go away?
Going over the top has worked for years and to some degree always will, but some of the best spots in recent years have been the quieter, more emotional ones. Sometimes we all try too hard.

Chief creative officer, McGarryBowen, Chicago

How do you watch the game?
I always watch the game at home with family. My three daughters are usually the best barometer of what ads are good or not. All the polling, ad meters, tweeting and blogging in the world can't beat the honesty of a pretty matter-of-fact "that was dumb" from a savvy kid.
What game-day idea needs to go away?
Hyping up the ads has gotten even more ridiculous than hyping up the game. Or maybe we should just start running a four-hour block of commercials with little snippets of football in between.
What's the best Super Bowl ad that you didn't do?
Google "Parisian Love." The simple beauty and quiet confidence of that product demo in a sea of so many trying way too hard for a laugh was genius.

Deputy executive creative director, BBH, London

What are your favorite Super Bowl ads of years past that you didn't do?
It's fun to watch the celebrity-driven, dog- and baby-crammed circus sideshow we come to expect every year, but smart, witty, thoughtful pieces of communication are the ones that endure for me. My favorite in recent years was probably's "Moose Head." Dead simple. Beautifully shot. Very funny.
How do you watch the game?
Illegally. As we don't get the direct feed from America over here, I'm forced to stream it online.
Favorite halftime performance?
Now and forever, Justin and Janet's Nipplegate. The wardrobe malfunction goes down as a defining piece of Super Bowl halftime history.

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