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Is OK Go's Chevy-Sponsored Music Video One of the Best Product Placements Ever?

The Viral Video Auteurs Triumph Again -- and Take Chevrolet Along for the Ride

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The band OK Go has been among the smartest (and funniest) creators of viral media since its band-on-a-treadmill music video for "Here It Goes Again" exploded in 2006. Yesterday it expanded its incomparable viral-video oeuvre (and legend) with "Needing/Getting," excerpts of which appeared in a Super Bowl ad for Chevy Sonic -- because the video co-stars the car.

The video, which the band said took four months of preparation and four days to shoot, shows a Chevy Sonic outfitted with retractable arms driving a two-mile course studded with musical instruments. There were no stunt drivers, according to the band, unless you count lead singer Damian Kulash Jr., who took stunt-driving lessons.

The reception on the web so far has been wildly positive -- with even the blatant product placement being warmly received. One of the most up-voted comments on a Reddit thread about the video reads:

I think this is a great use of corporate funds/product placement. The band gets an amazing music video that would be prohibitively expensive without Chevy's money and Chevy reaches their 18-34 demographic with a spot that has the car as a central figure. This video was targeted for sharing via Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit.

The full video shown here is also debuting today on MTV , VH1, MTV Hits, mtvU and Palladia.

Update: Goodby Silverstein & Partners is the agency behind the "Needing/Getting" video.

Simon Dumenco is the "Media Guy" columnist for Advertising Age. You can follow him on Twitter @simondumenco.

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