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Goodbye, Mr. Chimps: A Look At Monkeys Past In Super Bowl Ads

From E-Trade to Pepsi, A Video Montage of Primates Populating the Big Game

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Once upon a time, Super Bowl advertising was as fun as a barrel full of monkeys. For many years, we were treated to chimps cavorting on our screens for the likes of marketers such as Castrol, E-Trade, Pepsi and Careerbuilder.

Putting chimps in Super Bowl ads dwindled a few years ago due to many concerns detailed here by Ad Age's Ken Wheaton. (This is the same Ken Wheaton that predicted bears and goats were the new monkeys in advertising.)

Chimps in Super Bowl ads have always been a popular feature with most viewers; in 2011 we ran a poll asking for reader's favorites, in which the Careerbuilder apes won out.

That's despite their disappearing act.

After being a standard in the marketer's ads for years, the simians left the Super Bowl ad playing field in 2007. The result was that Careerbuilder's ads flopped in the USA Today Ad Meter poll and Careerbuilder put its account into review. Chimp creator Cramer-Krasselt promptly resigned the business in protest. The apes staged a triumphant return to the Big Game in 2011, placing sixth on the USA Today poll, proving monkey-business can be good business.

On the occasion of the Super Bowl's 50th anniversary, we present a video mashup of some of our favorite monkeys in the Super Bowl.

(And, yes, we know chimps aren't monkeys!)

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