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After Swearing Off Super Bowl Pre-Release, Nissan Posts Ad's First 10 Seconds

Showing Spots Early Takes Away the Magic, Exec Had Said

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Despite claims that it wanted to maintain the mystery of its Super Bowl commercial, Nissan released the first 10-seconds of the ad on Wednesday.

The spot celebrating dads, which features the music of Harry Chapin's "Cat's in the Cradle," will air in the second quarter of the game. It's Nissan's first Super Bowl commercial in 18 years.

The release of 10 seconds of the ad shows Nissan trying to straddle divergent goals: the desire to get pre-game publicity and the urge to maintain some mystery and surprise until Super Bowl Sunday on Feb. 1.

Fred Diaz, senior VP-Nissan sales and marketing operations, U.S., at Nissan North America, said last week that the company wants "to maintain the excitement and anticipation of game day."

"With so many commercials airing before the big game, I fundamentally believe it takes away much of the magic of showing the commercial on the biggest stage of the year," Mr. Diaz said in a statement.

In Nissan's defense, those first 10 seconds don't necessarily reveal a whole lot -- so a bit of suspense remains.

Nissan previously hired YouTube creators to gin up anticipation with original videos around its theme of #withdad.

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