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Watch How Your Love (and Hate) Grew as These Super Bowl Ads Played

Some Punchlines Fall Flat

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Creative agencies go through many rounds of brainstorming and revision as they try to perfect their Super Bowl ads, but not everything works come game day.

The punchline in GoDaddy's "Bodybuilder" ad on Sunday fell flat in the end, according to Spot Trender, a research company used by brands and agencies for pre-testing advertising. Spot Trender tracked Super Bowl ads' second-to-second reception by asking a panel of consumers to press keys on their computers as they watched. Each video had a sample size of 300 complete responses.

Where GoDaddy ultimately fell flat, a different web services company called Squarespace managed to gradually charm viewers more and more as its ad went on, according to Spot Trender.

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A bathroom scene in Volkswagen's Super Bowl ad on Sunday turned some viewers off, meanwhile, but not as many people as it entertained, Spot Trender found. And Volkwagen's punchline turned out to be viewers' favorite part.

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You can see the results here too for Toyota's musical Muppets ad, confirming the suspicion that consumers like their Muppets to sing, and H&M's gradual baring of David Beckham. It's worth noting, although not surprising, that Spot Trender found a bigger difference between female and male viewer reactions for the H&M spot than for the others.

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You can find more details on Spot Trender's Super Bowl findings here.

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